Free Videos for Your Site - First 3 Get It!!!

by Scott Million 6 replies

Fellow Warriors,

I'm giving away 3 custom-made videos for any website/niche.

The first 3 who PM me with a set of DETAILED instructions on what they want their video to be about (with the URL of where the video will go) will each get a free custom made Camtasia video.


Tutorial of your membership site, offer, or website.

Video review of an affiliate product/offer.

Video to show site visitors how to and why they should opt-in for your free bonus.

Video on your salespage to hype up your product, offer, or service...

Why are you doing this?

Simple...I need testimonials on my integrity and quality of work, so that I may offer my paid services in the near future.

What do you have to lose???

Videos will be completed within one time limit 20 minutes (if I have to go over a bit no problem...I'm just not going to do hour long videos)...


You are required to send me a photo of yourself (headshot) with about a 100 word snippet of your HONEST opinion on the video after completion. In addition, I will need your permission to link to the website where the video is located (ABSOLUTELY NO INCOMPLETE WEBSITES! THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO GO UP ASAP (only if you like it, of course).

Please save both of us some time by only PMing me if you meet the requirements.

Here's some videos I've done (just winging it...yours will be much more professional)

The Warrior Forum: Literally Hundreds of Thousands Made Here (original WF video b4 new site layout)

Make Money Using PayPal - Free Videos

Avery Berman - Super Successful Secrets

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