How to find out what wordpress theme someone is using

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Hey warriors,

I found this site that tells you exactly what Wordpress theme another site is using for free. I'm not sure if everyone already knew about this, but I found it helpful so I thought I would share it with you guys.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

You basically enter the URL of the site and out pops the theme information including author and author page. It's the easy way to find out what wordpress theme someone is using. : )
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      Originally Posted by sportmans View Post

      Pretty neat, thanks for the share. Normally I just right click and click view source. Then I look for the theme name in the source code
      lol, maybe that's the easy way. I'm not much of a techie so I found that site posted on a blog through a google search
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        You are a Godsend. I did a Google search looking for something like this this morning. Is there anything out there that tells what plugins a site uses? "View Page Source" is hit or miss.
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