How do you stop Information Overload?

by leemax
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I know it may be a really stupid question but nonetheless how do you stop? With everything changing so rapidly on the Internet, aren't you afraid of missing something big or important?

It seems that you try, or at least I try, to get something accomplished and have to take a break once in a while and the first thing I do is get wrapped up in email or on the forums.

What do you do?
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    G, I dont know..maybe stop gathering info and actually try something lol..

    just my 2 cents though
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    Get a mentor or coach. Absolutely the best thing I've ever done. Some people will argue, but for me it was a great decision.
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      Originally Posted by Tech19 View Post

      Get a mentor or coach. Absolutely the best thing I've ever done. Some people will argue, but for me it was a great decision.
      I sure wouldn't argue! A good Coach/Mentor will light a fire under your butt! Meaning... they will get you to TAKE ACTION. I know that phrase is probably the most used phrase in the history of IM, BUT... It's also one of the best if you just do it. TAKE ACTION. Start. Go. Begin.

      Write down some short term goals & TAKE ACTION every single day to get closer to achieving them.
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        I try to limit my time in forums and catching up on any blogs that I read. I give myself some time when I first get on the computer or if I am in a writing mood, before I get off the computer for the day.

        Other then that period of time of about 15 minutes, I stay away from too much info if my plan is to get work done.
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    +1 I agree... if someone isn't handing out the homework.. you won't get your assignments finished. Too much puttering around
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    When taking a break don't go to the forums, go for a walk instead. Don't get caught up in emails. In all likelihood you won't miss anything 'big' in your emails or on the forums. However, if you don't learn how to focus you will probably miss out on 'big' profits. I'm speaking from experience.

    Challenge yourself to go without doing these things for 5-7 days and only focus on one project, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you get done and how it will pay off for you. I know I was.

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      Thanks! I'll try that walk thing, I could use that anyway. It's just hard when your fairly new and wanting to learn as musch as you can.

      John Beery
      The Leemax Group
      Marketing and Sales Consulting
      for Small Business

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    Focus on one field and master it. Repeat it till you are sick to the teeth! Just block out everything and focus intensely on what you are doing.
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    The best way I have found to stop information overload is to go all out on one thing you are really knowledgeable in. If you know how to SEO from experience and forums then SEO your cpa, adsense, whichever it may be. Take your time, make little goals, stop reading and start doing! I was stuck in information overload for such a long time. Remember nothing in life is easy. If you do not see results this week that is fine, just keep at it. Learning and adapting all the way through.
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      Hey dude, I feel ya.

      I would look at your overall goal and break down what you need to do. List what you know and what your don't. Then work out what areas of learning you need to achieve your goal. There is a lot of information out there. Keep a journal and note down these things at the end of the day.

      Another great tip that has helped me is after you learn something write two columns on a piece of paper. The first column is the overall concept of what you have learnt and the second is how you can use that right now by applying the learning. That way you are immediately using the information and it is not just consuming for the sake of it.

      I noticed that when I was suffering from information overload. It was because I thought I need to learn everything before I took action and that learning was an excuse.

      There is a big difference between trying everything under the sun before you make a breakthrough and getting a mentor/coach who can show you the right way of doing it. Depends what you enjoy more lol.

      To your success,

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    Decide what it is you are going to do. Get a stop watch and set a designated amount of time for this tast. Do not do anything else. Do not check you email. Do not go to any forums. Stay focused on that one task until you get it done. Then move on to the next task using your stop watch.

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      I avoid info overload by focusing my attention on one specific area rather than trying to learn everything at once. Although I understand your need to know everything, Information about online marketing will always be there whether you want to read it tonight, tomorrow, next week, or even years from now. It's good to update yourself with the changes happening but try to focus on the updates on your niche.

      Another thing, as much as possible, I try 1 st to avoid forums until my other task is complete. If you're just starting, find a person that is an authority of your niche and ask him for mentoring. I learned that way. One of the main factors why information overload occurs is because people learn too many things from too many people.

      As for forums and emails, make a plan and a schedule. Usually these things can distract you from work. For example, only allot 30minutes to check your mail. Try to identify the important and urgent tasks (should be done today) from those unimportant and not urget tasks (should be discarded). This way you can focus more and you can finish the task you have set for the day.

      There are programs that can help you monitor your product such as rescuetime which I use. It's a good time tracker. It helps you monitor how much time you spend on one task.

      All the best,
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    To beat the information overload, you should stick to the basics. Just generate a lead, and follow up on these leads until you get a sale. Also, don't burn yourself out on IM. Take the weekends off so that it can fire you up for the upcoming week of marketing.
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      One of the best ways to eliminate information overload is to stop soaking up so much information. It sounds simple, but it's true. Try to limit yourself to one specific product/blog post/whatever for each thing you want to develop.
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    Stick to one thing. Say you buy a course which outlines how to setup blog and build backlinks, then you just follow that or you end up spending too much money (sad experience of my own)

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    Pick one topic/course that interests you the most or that you're really passionate about and focus only on that. Don't even look at another product unless it's something that you know can directly benefit what you are already working on.

    Unsubscribe from some of the B.S. guru lists so you're not constantly inundated with as many promotional emails.

    Set aside only 1 or 2 times a day to check your email. Check your email at these same times every day and only at those times. Specify a time period that you will allow yourself to spend...15mins 30mins, whatever. Once that time is up your done. Don't keep going back into your email when you're taking a brief break.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Stay with one strategy and be PERSISTENT with that strategy!

    I make $5,000+ a month online [CLICK HERE] to see how you can do the same starting today!

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      Some of us have been at this for many years and I can tell you that genuine major changes are quite rare and happen over the course of several years.

      What you really need to focus on is not on gathering information but on taking action on the information you already have.

      If some major game changer does come along you'll have a LOT of time to change what you're long as you're doing something.

      The biggest problem most people have is they spend way too much time gathering more and more information instead of using even just a little of the information they already have in a serious, dedicated way.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Yes I think taking action immediately on what you've learnt is the key, otherwise it just becomes an intellectual pursuit of knowledge.

    You can follow what I am doing to grow my business at I've been self-employed for 13 years as a business consultant and internet marketer.

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    there are so many methods you've seen so far, and I'm sure 90% of them work.


    get something out there, and the market will react. Then, tweak and tweak till you see some results. Eventually you will.

    You'll probably spend money, build websites that don't bring any results, but you will LEARN IN THE FIELD. And that has more value than buying and reading a million courses.

    My $0.02
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      As a newbie myself I fully understand where you're coming from with this one.

      Getting overwhelmed with IM "stuff" is easy to do. Reading every email, checking out every must have WSO and visiting every guru's website becomes a regular day to day occurance.

      My take is this:
      Target the areas of IM you want to focus on first (you can't do everything all at once)
      Choose some well reviewed WSO's or highly recommended books and learn from them
      Take action and start implementing what you've learn't
      Make mistakes (nobody is perfect)
      Correct those mistakes
      Carry on

      It sounds straight forward and in reality it is - Just do it.

      You really have to make that firm decision to start a project and stop looking for perfection.

      Action separates the successful from the rest

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  • Keep things as simple as you can for yourself. Create a plan and follow that plan. Make sure your plan is something you will actually do.

    Create a goal and write out tasks to do to reach that goal. Your brain and mind sill nudge you according to the way it understands what you need.

    Remember to eat real food with real nutrition in it. Don't smoke or take recreational drugs.

    AND, do not worry. Worrying screws up your brain chemistry.

    Detox from the idea that you are supposed to know everything. You CAN'T know everything. NO ONE can!

    Go sit in a hot Epsom salts tub for 20 minutes. It will relax and detox you. This can really help you unload and help you gain clarity again.

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    Focus on one field of IM first and just keep attempting that so you will become more knowledgeable and advanced in one field.

    When you are taking breaks or doing work, try turning off your internet connection if you do not need. You can still use Microsoft Word, code programs, code websites etc. without your internet on and you won't be as distracted.
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    Know thyself... what your strengths and weaknesses are, first and foremost.

    Take the time to create a plan of what you want to achieve. Break down the plan into steps.

    Only learn on a need-to-know basis. Learn -do, learn-do.. one step at a time.

    Allocate time to your main money-making activities and forget the rest. Ignore emails. In fact shut it down.

    Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
    You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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    Originally Posted by leemax View Post

    I know it may be a really stupid question but nonetheless how do you stop? With everything changing so rapidly on the Internet, aren't you afraid of missing something big or important?

    It seems that you try, or at least I try, to get something accomplished and have to take a break once in a while and the first thing I do is get wrapped up in email or on the forums.

    What do you do?
    The single, most important thing to do and the FIRST thing you should do is to get absolute clarity on what you want. For some people this is as easy as an one or two hour exercise. For others it might be weeks (or even longer) and the reasons behind that are far too many to list here.

    Secondly, once you obtain clarity on what you want to accomplish, begin drafting a rough draft business plan that will get you there. I recommend finding people who are getting the results that you want and learn from them.

    In working with small business owners, especially IMers, I have found that 99% of them (no exaggeration) skip this step. They think that making "10k per month" or that "trying PPC" or "CPA marketing" is what they really want, but usually those kinds of goals are too general and don't carry enough emotional motivation to keep themselves focused.

    Lastly, you've got to maintain discipline and view this as a business and not a hobby. If you were at a job, would your boss let you spend that much time in forums and in e-mails? Or would she want you to be productive and focus on the things that make money?

    Switching to business owner mindset takes time, practice, and discipline.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    Always set a time limit on research. Once time is up, immediately take action on what you've got. This way you won't fall prey to the syndrome of always taking in information but never taking action.
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