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    I may need to follow suit. I'm going through hell interviewing these folks for specific jobs I'm trying to outsource.
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    Videos, article writing, article submission, pyramid building, and that's about i.
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    Typically I use my VA for routine customer service issues. However, in your case only you can answer this question.

    IMHO any task that is repetitive and/or can be explained fairly easily is great to hand off to your VA. For example, SEO tasks such as back linking and social media status updates. It's really up to you.

    But start small and hand off tasks as you go.


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    i train my va's to use software i have made, also doing things such as sending emails and easy jobs i dont have time or dont like doing.
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    The singular most important aspect of using a VA is the micro detail of the tasks to be served. Even the most obvious things like posting in context have to be spelled out.

    VA's in the main tend to be in the far east, personally I have outsourced something like 500 - 600 articles in the last 2ish months. After using multiple providers in various countries I would not let a far east VA write an article even if their life depended on it. I have used 10+ writers in this time and if they are not an native English speaker what you get back will be as useful as a chocolate teapot. Look at the providers postings, their use of grammar etc. Even if they try to pass themselves off as native English speakers you can see through this by the writing style, tense, grammar and so on.

    If you want content, get it written by others and then use the VA for the submissions, don't let them do both. Surefire recipe for doom

    I currently use VA's for yahoo answers, .gov, .edu, wiki's. I work out what can be done on a hourly/daily basis and then allocate a weeks worth of tasks per VA without giving them too much variety, look at the VA's service as a conveyer belt, throw lots of the same things at it and you will be fine, deviate and it will end in frustration.

    Submissions for blog networks also works fine because you are controlling the situation as in X submissions in Y duration using my provided articles.

    Before you commence, get the VA provider to state exactly what services they provide, determine what you require from this list, break your requirements down into days/weeks and allocate the work in this way. Giving them 50 variables to do on a weekly basis will simply end up being a viral car crash.

    If its mundane and straightforward it is perfect VA territory, just make sure you are organised with the brief or the outcome will reflect this. Hope this helps.
    I'd best not talk toooo loud in case I ain't saying nuffin'
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    The best thing to use a virtual assistant for, in my opinion, is repetitive and time-consuming work that you would otherwise have to do yourself. Data entry and research are great categories of work for a VA.

    For example, if you are running an article marketing campaign, then it would be a better use of your time and money (probably) to write the articles yourself and then pay the virtual assistant to submit them for you.

    Depending on their Internet marketing experience, you can also outsource things like keyword research, building back links, scraping leads and handling basic customer service (if applicable).

    Just think about the things that take up the most of your time but offer the least return… Those are the tasks that you should outsource first.
    Need an awesome ghostwriter to fill in for you?

    Check out StephenWaldo.com
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    A VA will be cheaper if you exceed the 350$ a month on fiverr-exspenses. IF you have a good VA, your money will be spent more efficient than most of the fiverr-workers. Communicating with a VA is also better than communicating with a fiverr-worker.

    Simple Stan

    "No man is taller than when he bends down to help another in need"

    - Simple Stan -

    Making the path to income in internet marketing less complicated and as easy as 1-2-3 !

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    We've got a couple different VA's for different tasks... You don't want to overload your VA with work they can't do.

    So you need to be specific in your job ads when hiring them..

    I build and test the crap out of any and all sales pages. Your conversion sucks? Hire ME

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    We've got a couple different VA's for different tasks... You don't want to overload your VA with work they can't do.

    So you need to be specific in your job ads when hiring them..

    I build and test the crap out of any and all sales pages. Your conversion sucks? Hire ME

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      Link building, article writing and SEO is the chief roles of my VA's.

      I usually don't need much else. I may as I spread my wings even further...
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    I outsource pretty much everything - design, letter writing, emails, support, seo. its great!
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    I like to outsource the writing and basic blog setup so far. As I expand I am sure I will do more. One thing is for sure you need to have clear, concise, and constant communication along with detailed documentation on what you need done is very important regardless of what you plan to source out.

    "Successful people do the things unsuccessful people won't do" - (Somebody successful) :)

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    I'm going to be getting a VA towards the end of this year and my biggest thing is video. I want to just shoot the video then send it to them with everything I need so that I can spend my time creating more value instead of editing videos in a bunch of different programs. I'll also be giving them customer support, although I don't get much of that because my products are well explained and thorough.
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    There are a lot of things you can outsource to a VA. To get them to do more than what they know, you do have to pay them. I have several VAs now and I was able to have them do:
    o Article directory submission
    o Social Networking
    o Forum posting
    o Blogging
    o Video marketing
    o Blog commenting
    o Web 2.0
    o Graphic design
    o Report writing
    o Transcription
    o Editing
    o Investment banking analyst
    o Affiliate marketing
    o AdWords / PPC
    o Software tools
    o Info product creation (e.g., eBooks) (Just a note, the ones I outsourced to the Philippines were better than those I had done by people in the U.S.!)
    o RSS
    o Video marketing
    o Search engine optimization (SEO)
    o Copywriting
    o Press release writing
    o Archiving and / or filtering emails
    o eBay
    o Link building
    o Email marketing
    o Phone support
    o Content and article writing
    o Programming / PHP
    o Web design
    And much more……………..really, anything you can train them to do, they can implement and do for you. Just take the time to train them and motivate them to improve themselves
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    • You can use a virtual assistant for data entry, web marketing, link building, translation, copywriting, and administrative tasks. A virtual assistant can also design fliers and brochures for your business or create e-stationery for Outlook. Some VAs specialize in SEO and web design.
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    Any repeatitive task that doesn't require too much thinking actually. Data entry , customer reviews etc

    Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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    Right now I mainly outsource web research.

    I know that you can outsource a lot of other things like writing, but I'm pretty picky about what I deliver to clients and have on my own websites- so I do it myself.
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    I only make people I know as VAs or people who REALLY want the job locally. I found that their drive is better and their ethics are also better because they want the job to be long-term.

    I outsource web 2.0 creation and web 2.0 posting for them.
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    Two types of tasks:
    1. something he claims to have a special expertice in doing; or
    2. something I need to train him to do.

    Fiverr is good for #1 unless the gig's parameters don't quite fit. For example, he says he will write 5 x 500 word articles and you need 6 x 700 words with other particulars.

    For #2, once you get a VA trained in your particular way of doing something, you don't want to lose him and have to train another.
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    You can outsource a VA for repetitive tasks. Emails, backlinking, SEO stuffs like article writing and submissions. There are a lot of tasks you can give your VAs. This would lessen your day-to-day work and by that you can focus on more important things.

    Let me know if I can help you Warrior to Warrior.

    Good luck
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    we have teams that help us with

    - content writing
    - community management
    - outreach to other website owners
    - infographic creation

    Hi I'm Dave. I buit a site that over 25 million people visited. Learn More >

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      Originally Posted by xhiekfgk0 View Post

      They just want the information you're offering.
      who do doesn't want free information?

      To keep it on topic. I would personally outsource anything and everything you could. Time is money friends!
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