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So I'm a recent member of commission junction and I've made a few sales for web hosting stuff via my web review site. Only problem is 2 (to my knowledge) of these sales haven't been tracked. That's a problem...

Any idea why this might be happening? I emailed them and they said it could be a bunch of things like users having cookies turned off, etc. etc.

I know this wasn't the case though. Here's how it works right now from start to finish:

User lands on page
Clicks on a site URL redirect (i.e. .com/thiswebhostcompany )
Redirects via .htaccess
Goes to web hosts page

I went in the .htaccess and everything is working fine.

Am I SOL? Just have to not think about the sales I'm losing due to this? Any help or suggestions would rock.

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    I hope you don't mind if I add another question to these concerns-

    Does masking a domain forward also cause problems with the tracking?
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    As far as I know, all those webhosts on CJ only pay you if the customer signs up and pays for a complete year of hosting. If you do some research, they are all famous for not paying their affiliates. I'd love to know of an honest program in this niche...
    Also, I think the vendors in CJ have a lot of freedom in deciding not to credit you sales.


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    Shaving and scrubbing is common, unfortunately.

    Elegant, simple and clean Landing Page Templates for just $7.

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    that was happening to me for a while at Clickbank but, I think it was the merchant.
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