What did you do to grow your business today?

by willay
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Are you sitting around wishing you made money online or that you made more money online? That you were a millionaire? That you didn't have to work a dreaded job? Do you look at people like Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern and other rich guys and think to yourself how lucky they are? Well they were were once poor too. They didn't sit around thinking of how lucky other people were they worked to get where they are, there was no luck about it. So what did you do today?

If you think about it have you done anything in the last week that has the possibility of generating you any money at all? Do you even have a web page or site up anywhere on the internet? If you have been at this for at least a couple months and haven't even put up a website you need to do that TODAY! Doesn't matter what it is..put one up so you get over that hump its really not hard. If you can't even do that really think about how you will ever make money online??

Here is an exercise to do if you are stuck in this trap of not actually taking action. Write down or type out where you think you will be in 2 years if you keep doing what you're doing now..you have to write it down to make it real. I'll even show you what I wrote out a while back for this exact exercise.

All these negative behaviours keep me living a life I do not enjoy. They keep me living at home with my parents and I am almost 25 years old. They keep me going around in circles doing the exact same thing week in and week out not progressing in any area of life. They keep me broke, lonely and frustrated. If I were to continue doing these things I would be doomed to failure.
If these issues are left unchanged, two years from now I will be in a much worse situation and life then I am currently in. All chances of success will have pretty much gone down the toilet. My mindset would be worse than ever and I would not have anything in life I desire.

Your Living Your Real Life Right Now

Think writing that down and being honest like that to myself got me to smarten up? You're damn right it did. I suggest anyone not making money online or not making as much as you need to make do this exercise TODAY.

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    Pain is always the biggest motivator
    Don't believe everything you think
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      Originally Posted by Mrexclusive View Post

      Pain is always the biggest motivator
      This is actually spot on! That + being fed up with your life as is. True in all aspects of life not just your business.
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    Very motivating post.

    And, to answer the thread's title question, I'd have to list a lot of things. I've been a busy bee today :-)

    Hope everyone is working hard to be the change in the income they want to be haha

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    Without an action plan, tomorrow will be just like today. One action toward the right direct direction always gets you closer to your goals...and it's so important to have some goals set in place...as your main focus.

    ~ Rhonda White
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    Good post I have also done alot of marketing today....Time is Money!

    I make $5,000+ a month online [CLICK HERE] to see how you can do the same starting today!

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    I do money generating tasks every day. If I don't it is a wasted day.

    So many people just wish, and wish, and try to think themselves to success. Thinking, and wishing, isn't enough.
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    One of the best methods of keeping yourself motivated is to have a few pictures of your dream house, dream car, dream girl etc.... you get the point... in front of you as you do your daily internet chores.
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    Great post. Yet even so still... some people still wont take action. People like this aren't brain dead or retarted, they're just lazy. So they blame the system and then try to make money offline with high advertising fees and direct mail woes. Shoulda kept doing internet marketing. Then they come back to IM to try and make it a second time... without getting help from someone (or people ex: warriorforum) to get help.
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