What other business opportunities are better than Internet Marketing?

by weehoi 12 replies
DISCLAIMER: Hi guys, before you continue reading this, I've got a strong feeling that some people here might be offended by this subject line thinking that I'm some sort of newbie or somebody who is trying to polarize your focus from internet marketing.

While none of those are my intentions, I'm just curious to know if there are 'more unknown planets existed in the solar system.'

Of course, I believe internet marketing is still the best money making opportunity in this era or else I wouldn't be here by any chance and I'll still be doing it for a very long long time to come...

To be honest, I think 99.9999% of the world's population on this planet still have no single idea what internet marketing is all about...

They only know about education, job, business, real estate, investments, illegal stuffs and that's it...

So if any of you guys know anything outside the 'internet marketing solar system', I'll be quite interested to hear about it from you.

Well, maybe not only me... maybe some others too provided they are open minded and don't treat IM so much like a religion...

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    There are alot really: investment, property, securities, business and so on.

    I personally believe anything can make money. It is the HOW.

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      Hi jhongren, thanks for participating and I believe all of those things that you've mentioned aren't any better than internet marketing for all of these reasons...

      1. They all require high start-up capital. Which mean they are much much riskier and takes longer time to recuperate the investment amount.

      When I first started trying to find a way to make money online, I signed up for Optionsxpress and I thought trading options online would make me rich within days if not months. Silly me isn't it?

      I had only $1,000 in my bank account during that time and to be honest, there is no single person in this world who can achieve financial freedom with only $1,000 with options trading.

      However, it is really humanly possible to achieve financial freedom with just a few hundred bucks of investment on internet marketing and that's why IM is so damn good.

      2. They are much more complex and harder to learn / succeed. Well, the idea of doing technical analysis on those lame graphs turns me off... To add more to that, they are always unpredictable and profit margins are always determined by the level of risk that you're willing to take. The outcome (results) are not based on our intelligence and hardwork.

      3. The bottom line, they are not any better than IM.

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    Originally Posted by Sean A McAlister View Post

    My Main gig is Real Estate.
    im just getting involved with real estate now, what type of real estate investing do you do, Sean? Any tips for someone just starting out?

    as far as opportunities "better" than "internet marketing".. i dont think there is any answer because each person is different. I do think real estate investing is more secure as its been around a lot longer..

    Originally Posted by i-net-biz View Post

    Selling generic drugs via internet
    isn't that internet marketing?
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  • Weehoi,

    Hi! I'd want to know your definition of Internet marketing as a business
    opportunity in itself, more than a platform to improve the reach and sales
    margins of all other business models operating in all industries, before I
    could most likely formulate a relevant set of answers...

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    I think that you're correct about internet marketing being one of the best and easiest ways for ordinary people, like us, to make money.

    But as far as other oportunities out there it just depends on your expertise and how much money you can raise to get started. There's plenty of opportunities that will dwarf internet marketing. If you think about it there's people out there making hundreds of millions and even billions per year. I don't think there's any chance of anyone making sums like that in internet marketing!

    If you know how, please let me know!!

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    Real Estate has always made the most money for me over-all in one form or another. Second would be my own businesses in the legal, software, webdesign and writing arenas.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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