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I wanting to help my daughter with a fundraiser and want to send an email to my friends with her offer. In the email I am going to ask them to pay with pay pal how do I do this? I have a pay pal account but have never had anyone pay me anything. Mucho Gracias!
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    Can't you just give them the email address associated with your Paypal account?

    You can set up a secondary email address specifically for this fundraiser.
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      You can also set up a basic blog on a free platform (wordpress, blogger etc.) and just embed a Donate button.
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        Originally Posted by DSTeam View Post

        You can also set up a basic blog on a free platform (wordpress, blogger etc.) and just embed a Donate button.
        This is probably the best way. Go to and set up a free account. Set up the page to promote what you're doing with a "donate" button.
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    You can also request payments directly through the PayPal interface if needed. Send out the email and have them email you with what they are interested in from the fundraiser. You can add up the totals and submit an invoice or payment request and all they will have to do is fill in the information PayPal requires.

    There are quite a few different ways to get the payments processed through PayPal. If you run into any problems with it, you could also try PayPal customer support. They are generally quite helpful.
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    With PayPal you should have a premier account. It just opens up more features for selling online. It costs nothing, and all you do is select it from your account settings.

    There is a personal, premier and business account. All with their own differences.

    Then just go to the merchant services link and set up you product button and copy and paste the code in your website where you want it. Test it and your done!

    Let me know if you have any more questions about this

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    Simply send your emails out with your daughters offer stating that they can pay through Paypal and include your Paypal email address.

    Most people who have paypal will know exactly what to do.
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      One caution - be sure to read everything on the paypal site about using "donate buttons" versus collecting for charity.

      There's a fine line there and it's pretty well spelled out. Lots of red tape to collect donations for charity so you want to avoid certain wording. Knowing in advanced will keep you from having paypal problems.

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