what is the best way to put a email sign up box on WP?

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Hi, I want to have visitors sign up for an email newsletter when they visit my WordPress blog. Can anyone suggest the best way to do this. I would prefer a free source if possible. Thanks for your help, Ed
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    I would really suggest spending $19/month and getting aweber, or any of the other low-cost options. One of the problems with free email auto responders is you can't always count on them delivering on time, or at all. And if this is a real business always think about spending money on these tools as an investment and not necessarily a 'cost'.

    As for putting it on your blog, just grab the code you get when you create the box, grab a 'text' box in your widget section, and insert the code. You might have to adjust sizes/width to make it fit.

    If you're using the thesis theme (which I recommend), you can create an opt-in box and stick the code right in the multimedia box and it pops very nicely at the top of your site.

    Hope that helps!

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      Paul's advice is spot on, not to mention that using free autoresponders means having their ads in your promotions... not the smartest move!

      Another thing to consider, in order to increase the number of subs offer a bonus for signing up and only ask for their email (asking them to input a name also, besides an email will only lower the conversions).
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    If you already have a way of distributing the newsletter and you are just looking for a free way to create a sign up sheet, Custom Contact Forms is an easy to use plugin that can create and display custom forms on your WordPress page.

    It can also be used in combination with many of popular mailing list providers with a little configuring. This makes it great for starting a smaller list and migrating when it becomes bigger.
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    I'd agree with PaulyC about using Aweber it's only $19/month to start & your list should hopefully be worth more than that very soon.

    Another advantage is that AWeber has a WordPress plugin which is quite effective

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    I put in another vote for getting a good service like Aweber. Plus there are some nice plug-in's that make it easy to add a niche opt-in box in the sidebar of a wordpress blog.
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  • I use aweber you can see an example on hypefree.com
    soon people... Relax...
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