How to protect a Download page?

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Hi warriors,

I'm planning on launching my first ever wso next week.. You guys have any recommendation or tips on how to best protect a download page?

Looking forward to your reply,

God bless,
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    There's a great video at the Daily Motion website Jeremiah showing how to do just that. I would include the link but I don't have enough posts yet so I'm not permitted. If you do a search on their website I'm sure you'll find it. Hope this helps
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    I use Download Guard. It's kind of pricey but worth it if you're going to do very many WSO's or other things you need to have a download protection for.

    Good luck on your WSO!!
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    There's another active thread (at -- might be some good ideas there.

    Digital product protection is actually a matter of risk management. You have to identify what you are trying to accomplish (limit access to legit buyers? prevent non-buyers from accessing the product?) and then find ways to mitigate (reduce) the risk. Some risks you won't be able to mitigate, either because they cost too much or you aren't willing to implement the control (for example, DRM may cause you to lose sales due to inconvenience).

    In the end, though, you will still face some risk that you'll just have to accept. You can adjust your price as compensation for taking the risk, if you want...

    Of course, you can also use a service like Warrior Plus that offer some protection (plus it's designed for WSOs).


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    Certified Computer Security Pro

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  • I have a few dozen digital info products and I use Wishlist member now it works great even my monthly coaching recordings are on that platform. I never had any problems and it's super affordable to!

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    I use DLGuard. You can use it for as many products as you want. Great software and great customer service. Highly recommended.
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    This is a very detailed tutorial explaining MANY of the different options available to you for protecting digital downloads.
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    This is going to be your quickest and easiest solution:
    Warrior Special | WP File Lock

    Takes all of 5 minutes to setup and integrate with Warrior Plus and out of thousands of transactions I have never once had a problem with it. Simple and works like a charm.

    Take it from someone who has actually used it.
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    Two pit bulls and one Rottweiler should do it.
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    Thank you guys, I'll look into all of the suggestions mentioned above 1 by 1

    God bless,
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    Damn, I asked this same question about 3 months ago and didn't receive these replies.

    I use ejunkie PDF Stamp feature to help prevent product sharing, but I like the look of WP File Lock!
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    Originally Posted by JeremiahSay View Post

    I'm planning on launching my first ever wso next week.. You guys have any recommendation or tips on how to best protect a download page?
    I've tested about thirty to fifty different products for this, and so far my personal favourite across the board is DLGuard. There are a lot of products out there which work well in specific situations, but DLGuard is the closest I've found to a one-size-fits-all solution.
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    I use DLGuard because it permits you to specify a time limit for the sum of time a link is valid and also limit the number of times someone could use that URL. This provide convenient protection for your product, assisting to defend against piracY.
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    WP File Lock is simple yet effective solution for protecting wordpress download page.
    The price also considerable if you just launch your first product
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      Hi Jeremiah,

      Bear in mind that protecting the download page is of very limited value without also protecting the product: however well you protect the download page, you're not stopping someone from buying it, uploading it to various torrent and black-hat sites, circulating it by email attachment to large numbers of others, and so on.

      One way of strongly discouraging most of that is to use e-Junkie's PDF stamping device, which puts the customers' transaction details on every page of the PDF.
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    If u use Wordpress try

    That Plugin works automatically with Clickbank and its very easy to use!

    Good luck for your launch
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    If you need a fast solution you can also check Instabuck ยป The fastest way to sell digital goods online

    As I am the owner of this service, feel free to pm me with any questions

    PS: Sorry for the self promotion, I just posted because it is relevant.
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