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I see more and more full movie on YouTube.

My question is, how YouTube allows uploading of full movies, considering the limit of 15 minutes, and how they allow uploading movies considering copyrights.
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    I have never seen a full movie last a long period of time

    As mentioned above, they are very understaffed and judging by the number of videos uploaded everyday, it is reasonable that it might take a while to moderate their website.

    As for the time limit thing, you should check this out: YouTube Blog: Up, Up and Away - Long videos for more users

    Interesting that people who are uploading full movies are being allowed longer videos

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    If you post enough high-quality videos under 15 minutes that get a decent number of views they'll give you an unlimited account.

    I started posted short educational snippets and they upgraded my account, I now have videos that are 2-4 hours in length.

    If you're interested in making longer videos, just follow that pathway and you'll eventually get there.

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    Thanks guys.
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  • You need a special account to do it, I uploaded "From Austria With Love" to you tube no problem.
    soon people... Relax...
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    I'm actually surprised that no one actually answered clearly.

    There are two account types where youtube allows that type of content.

    1) If you're their premium publisher. For example people like RWJ can do it if they wanted to.

    2) If you actually own the movies yourself, just submit a ticket to them.

    I have some friends (girls) who upload makeup videos longer than 30 minutes.
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    Thanks for the break down.
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    They upgraded my account to upload 2GB per movie or 2 hours, something big I forget now.

    I don't even have that many views but original content.
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    When you go to "upload" there is option for HD videos, activate that option and you can upload long videos. If you do not see this option, simply open a new account.
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    They have different accounts with different privilegies.
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    This is copyright issue, and every one knows that youtube is free video downloading and uploading portal around the world.
    youtube has own database where he store and entire movie easily.

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