Ever Sell a product through fiverr?

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Anyone sell a WSO or Ebook through Fiverr? Is that against the rules?
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    No I have never tried to sell on Fiverr and I'm not sure if it is against the rules to sell WSO's.
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    Ive been selling ebooks there for about 8+ months and Ive never had a problem

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    I haven't personally, but I've found people selling my free WSO's and backlink packets there. I'm not complaining though, it's just free publicity IMO.
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    Yes people do sell Ebooks on fiverr, in fact one seller is selling 100 Ebooks for $5
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    can try it at seven7r
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    I haven't tried selling an eBook there on Fiverr, but I may try once I have time. But I don't think WSO's will work. You should sell an eBook on Fiverr that is not a "WSO".
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    No. I only sell services myself. I have seen some complaints of how their paid WSO is sold through fiverr. I think selling an ebook in general is fine if you are the author of the ebook you are selling or at least authorized to.

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    I've never sold a book on Fiverr but then, I never wrote one to sell on Fiverr either. Lol. I may consider trying to write one up and seeing how it does though. Then I may come back here and change my vote. I've only sold Twitter messages, and blog entry posts.
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    I sell on fiverr, but I sell social marketing: I will promote your blog, gig or website by submitting it to forums, blogs and over 50 social bookmarking sites for $5 on fiverr.com

    I will say that I remember that someone did have some formatting where they would put it in a kindle format. That's about all I remember about ebooks.
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    I'm selling several things on fiverr, one of which is a short ebook (it's only a couple of pages long) written by me. I only put it up a few days ago and already got several sales. It doesn't get as much orders as my blog commenting service but it requires minimal effort (just need to upload the PDF to the system for delivery!)
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