My First Interview With a JV Broker (Thrilling & Nerve Wrecking)

by jhongren 6 replies

I just want to share a thrilling experience I have.

Now is Singapore time 3am.

I did an interview with Reed Floren at 2am and it is my very first interview of a guru.

It was about 45 mins long.

Initially he asked him it is too late for me. But I am committed to this interview and I do whatever it takes to get it done.

I have some learning points which I want to share.

Some tips if you want to do an interview.
1. Fit the interviewee schedule

2. Be polite and respectful and maintain your coolness (I was really nervous as it was my first time and I did stammer abit. I sounded stiff too.)

3. Do your homework on finding out his success story and how he started off his business

4. Ask him what url which he wants to be promoted in the interview ( I repeated 3 times, start, mid and end of interview)

5. Praise and compliment his success (personally I am his student and I gave some credible testimonial)

- Always listen and ask relevant questions
- Have the attitude of showing genuine interest in the interviewee

6. 1 week before interview, do send him your questions to vet though

7. 2 days before interview, drop a gentle reminder to his email about the interview

8. Get his msn or skype so that you can be in touch.

9. Drop him a msn or skype message 5 mins before the interview

10. Thank him for his time after the interview

11. Have a follow up email what help he needs (if he needs you to get the mp3 edited or transcription done)

12. Follow up again whenever necessary

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    Very smart process, John... and I'm glad it went well for you.

    Chip Tarver

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      Nice work John.

      Takes me back to my first "Guru" interview back in 2005.

      I was able to land Willie Crawford. Talk about gracious..

      Willie wrote the questions, wrote his intro, wrote the disclaimer, we used his call-in line, he emailed his list to join us, he had the audio edited and he had it transcribed.

      I simply followed his script.

      BTW - Reed's a good guy too.


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