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Anyone checked out Cuil pronounced Cool


Apparently started by former Google employees

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    This came out a bit ago with a big news splash - I dont think it was ready. Every search iI tried was garbage. Who knows, maybe better now.
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    yes ... it seems a lot stronger now though ... might develop to bring some balance to the universe
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    I would want to hope cuil will catch up... but google is much more then a search engine now... sorry to say.

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    it will be hard for them to compete...

    but at the same time, google was also small when they began.


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    I don't think Cuil can come anywhere close to being considered a serious competitor to Google.
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    to me:

    Google will never have competition - or at least something big like it...
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      Didn't they say this about :rolleyes:
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    Cuil was and remains a joke.

    Their results are laughably poor.

    I wish it weren't so, but...

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    I dont know about Cuil, but its WRONG to assume a giant cant be beaten

    History has shown that whatever that goes up, do come down.

    To prove it, they said that Yahoo, cant be beaten, look where it is now.

    To prove it, they say the economic just wont go down, but look at it..

    To be confident is one thing, to be cocky is another :-)


    p/s- Cuil is reallllly way to farr though to coming to beat google...

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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      Originally Posted by asianlunatic View Post

      I dont know about Cuil, but its WRONG to assume a giant cant be beaten

      History has shown that whatever that goes up, do come down.

      To prove it, they said that Yahoo, cant be beaten, look where it is now.

      To prove it, they say the economic just wont go down, but look at it..

      To be confident is one thing, to be cocky is another :-)


      p/s- Cuil is reallllly way to farr though to coming to beat google...


      Remember AOL?
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        Originally Posted by Eric Lorence View Post


        Remember AOL?
        Who? lololol

        Bare Murkage.........

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          Originally Posted by JayXtreme View Post

          Who? lololol

          Though I think Time Warner's still tying to forget!
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    Isn't this ancient news? Cuil was an epic failure and will be remembered in footnotes as that thing that some former Google guys tried to do but couldn't.

    Just to comment on the title of this thread, Google has always had competitors since its birth. It's just that Google has always been superior to its competitors due to their constant innovation and creativity. As long as they maintain that level of innovation, they will never be overtaken.
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    I don't think Google is worried.

    Too many people depend on it.
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    By just looking at the domain name, google still wins
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    Don't forget people has doubted Firefox when it was first released.... I think there is always a place for a new player

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    People were so against Cuil when it was originally released, but I say atleast give them a chance, you can't expect them to be flawless from day 1 itself. Competition is always good!
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    This happened months before '09, trying to think early - mid '08 but at least a few months. Maybe 2007? Who knows, but anyway: it built up a lot of pressure for itself, and everyone thought it could actually rival Google. But then it was released...

    edit: just saw post above mine. It's horrible. They crashed some servers when indexing them (kept re-visiting some 74,000 times in a short period or something), the way results were laid out (and still are I believe) made it way too confusing, and it seemed to always turn up the wrong results.

    Sure, maybe on day 1 we could give it a break if it hadn't been so hyped up. I believe they should have spent a lot more time on it and lost a few impatient users instead of throwing away all (or the majority of, there's a few people who want to use it for the sake of difference/are just weird) of it's credibility.

    Wundur y ther ex ployees of gogle?

    Unless it makes a major! turn-a-round, it won't be like Firefox. Last I heard it was still experiencing the problems I laid out up there plus more, aside from maybe the problem with indexing. But crashing a few sites while indexing can't equate to anything much than a very viral and very angry story (even if lop-sided), no?

    I'm going to go see how it is now for myself though... I guess maybe I am being a little unfair.
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    I hate the design after you search... it looks unorganized and hard to read IMO.

    I think someone can "beat" Google but I also think it's going to take a lot more than your basic everyday search engine. Like what reason do people have to switch from Google to Cuil? I can't think of one.
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    sounds great...but i agree with Keegahn...the results page design is shitty :s
    hope they can do better
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      Cuil is one of the worst search engines I have ever seen.

      I've run searches on myself and seen terrible results, including a reference to my law office website but with the associated picture of someone else. How does that happen?

      On the other hand, IMHO the quality of Google's search results has slipped dramatically the past 6 months, leading me to try other search engines.
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        The problem Cuil faces is a lot like the problems facing eBay competitors - there are some other okay-looking auction sites out there that have sprung up with the expressed intent of rivaling eBay, but they just can't get any traction. Yes, Google was once small, too, but at that time search engine technology was very rudimentary and the market was virtually untapped. Nowadays, unless you really have some paradigm-changing technology up your sleeve, starting a new search engine and expecting to compete with Google would be kind of like me packing off for California and expecting to strike gold. It's just too late. It's been done. Move on.

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          I hate the layout. When I search something it just returns 4 square pictures that are ever so slightly related to my search. It's all a mess.

          To be honest I'm happy with google, yes they may be money grabbing tyrant *******s but they have a good search engine.

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    Why in the first place are we discussing cuil now? Cuil is already a past thing ... lolz
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      Sounds like a thumbs down for Cuil then. I'd love to see another search engine evolve to the point where they can take on Google though.
      "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Personally I wouldn't want to see another search engine competing (and beating google) because as a newbie, that would be another thing for me to get used to!

    Whereas now, with only google in the picture, I could concentrate on getting good rankings on one site rather than having to split my attention to two or three sites
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    cuil - pronounced crap
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    Hi Guys,

    Tha Big GOOGLE is the NO1! Google has so many useful services which help our life.
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    As a marketer I often hate Google. As a surfer I love it and it takes some beating. I can't see any other seach engine having even the remotest chance of taking over from the Big G. People hate nothing more that change and Google is now so deeply engrained into everything that we do on a day to day basis that I just can't see it ever changing.

    And Google is such a strong company that if anything better ever emerges you can be reassured that they will better it again.


    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    Ditto many of the comments made above.

    1. Cuil is old news.

    2. Cuil came out with a big bang.

    3. Cuil has bombed.
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      Originally Posted by ArthurRose View Post

      Maybe if that Cuil thing, Yahoo, MSN join forces all together, then...maybe...but how is Cuil better than Google?? What are it's specific features?
      Yahoo is already in bed with Google...They just don't publicize the heck out of it.

      Google not only owns PPC, Searche results, etc... They have a hell of a lot of people behind them in the open source community because Google has always been buddies with that community where MSN took a crap on them...and always have.

      Yahoo and MSN would never join forces intentionally to dethrone Google because:

      1) Microsoft only likes to buy technology...not join forces with the creators of it.(attempts in the past to strong arm yahoo into a takeover)

      2) Yahoo knows the track record of people that tried to team up with Microsoft...What happens is you wear out your usefulness and get your throat cut in a back alley somewhere.

      I'm guessing one of the reasons Bill left the office and decided to do more things outside of Microsoft was because I think he finally gave up on the Microsoft dominating the entire world bit. He decided to have a life before he got too much older...Bill worked his ass off no doubt...I mean he was obsessed with a lot of things. His family probably said..."YO...time to have a life and spend some of those billions having fun."
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    I don't know much about Cuil except that my rankings there seems to be even better than they are at Google.
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    Someone needs to knock Google down a bit.. Does anyone else feel uncomfortable that the same person that sends them traffic is also cutting the check after that traffic clicks on advertisements that they are providing? Talk about being helpless, at least if you build your business around affiliate marketing the situation is a little more comfortable...
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    I'll take pandia .com over cuil any day of the week. I also like them WAY better than Google - though google is more convenient, I will concede. And Pandia does make use of Google ads.
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      I think the "Google employees" thing took the hype way too far...

      "Former Google engineers" don't mean "Google"...
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  • All I know's that my sites aren't ranking on clearly a different algorythm altogether.. I almost hope it doesn't take off - imagine the SEO headaches
    Clickbank #1 Bestseller
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    This is just so funny to me because I've been online since 3 or 4 BG ( Before Google ) and we were saying the same thing back then about them wasting their time trying to compete with WebCrawler, Excite, and Lycos.

    I think Google owns them now.

    The only thing certain about the Internet is that it is full of uncertainty.

    But I do believe that people are still going to type a search term into a search engine to find what they are looking for.
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    Hey, I like this search engine, it ranks me on top of the results for a lot of my terms ;-)
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    I'm expectng this site to take over Google of course! :p
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      Cuil is trash. If you go over to and search for news on Cuil, you will see how people were actually building replica Cuil search engines on top of Yahoo's API (Boss) with a few bucks and a couple hours of coding.

      The funy thing about it was:
      1. The replica sites produced better search results.
      2. Cuil had something like $20 million in funding to start.
      3. They had to issue cease and desist notices to the owners of the replica sites because they were making a mockery of Cuil.
      It was shameful and funny at the same time. LOL!

      Nothing here to see

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