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by Johnny Angel 3 replies
I'm astounded at what just happened. I'm in private communication with several warriors with *hundreds* of posts to their names who can no longer log in.. because..

*they signed up years ago, and either can't remember what email account they used, or no longer have the email account*

To a man, they have all told me that they won't be bothering to re-signup. Reps with hundreds of posts aren't acquired easily, and if the forum admins hold them in so little regard, it's obviously some kind of coded message to p!ss off.

I'm signing off now.

Probably for good.

No doubt this post will get canned, and my account banned.

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    Perhaps logging a ticket at the helpdesk would be an easier way to resolve the issue.

    Allen isn't an unreasonable man, there are reasons for the upgrade to new software, and there were bound to be teething troubles.

    There is no conspiracy to get rid of people... Steven Wagenheim ran into the same problem and has had it resolved.
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      Like Karl just said, there's nothing to lose giving the helpdesk a shot.

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    Originally Posted by Johnny Angel View Post

    Ha... from a programmer's perspective, there was no way around the reset password issue.

    Most scripts store passwords as what's called a hash, basically an encrypted password. It's one-way encryption, so you can't DECRYPT it... but if you enter that correct password, you will always get that same encrypted value.

    Snitz (old forum) and vbulletin (new forum) use different ways to encrypt the password. So the only way to move the passwords over would be: decrypt the old password and encrypt it using the new password...

    BUT WAIT! I said there was no way to decrypt. Hence the need to reset passwords.

    How else are people supposed to reset passwords other than email? If they no longer have access to that email account, that's what the Help Desk is for.
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