Easy way to make immediate cash, like literally, probably within 1 hour.

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Ok, I admit this idea is based off of something I read on another blog, but it seems like a good idea (& I think I've added my own idea on top of it because I don't remember the exact idea that was presented. Maybe it is the same, but regardless, I think it is cool )

Anyways, basic idea is this.

Everyone reading this probably has some area of expertise. Whether you know how to fix cars, unplug toilets, paint a house, write a computer program, sing a song, etc, etc.

AND... everyone probably has at least 1 friend. (I hope you do, otherwise you need to get away from the computer).

Anyways, next time you see your friend(s), ask them if they would be willing to pay $1 for 1 hour of your time, for a consultation. They can ask you whatever they want, and you will give it your 100% all to provide the best possible answer/service possible.

Ok, $1 you say is pretty low? Well, not really. Think of it as a CPA If they accept your $1 proposal, you now have a "client" and now you can "upsell" them on your other great services Now, of course not everyone would accept or need other services... but I am sure there would probably be at least a few people that would think 'Hmm, you are pretty smart' -- not realizing you had some essential skill they needed to solve a problem before, and before you know it, you have some money coming in

You are happy, because you have a client (or clients). They are happy, because you solved a problem for them. I mean, if you are willing to do something for one dollar for one hour of your time, chances are it is something you like doing

It is also a great way to figure out what you are really good at and what you really enjoy doing if you don't already know.
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    It's also a great way to come up with material for an infoproduct or short report, and because you enjoy doing it, it won't be a chore. :-)

    Expert content written by an experienced veterinarian and published magazine and newspaper writer.
    Feel free to contact me for details.
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      Originally Posted by Audrey Harvey View Post

      It's also a great way to come up with material for an infoproduct or short report, and because you enjoy doing it, it won't be a chore. :-)

      Another thing...

      You will start to find your 'true' worth...

      For example, lets say you offer a $1 consultation. Your friend loves it. He/She tells another friend. Now you have a few clients.

      Well, you now know your services are worth at least one dollar.

      So you have people banging down your door. High demand.

      Raise your consultation fee to $2/hour.

      See what kind of a response you are getting.

      If you still have people banging down your door.

      Try $3. Then $4. Then $10. Then $20.

      Until basically you 'peak'. Then you will know what your 'true' value is, or rather, what value you are able to provide to others. And then you can obviously decide whether you want to continue down that path, or try something different.
      Make money from writing, find out how now.
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    Humm ... this has got me thinking a bit - so it's like a loss leader sort of thing where you give someone a free meeting, and in the meeting identify all the issues and then tell him how you can help solve the issues?

    I think I can use this - thanks!
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    If they were really a friend I might find it hard to upsell them, but I like the principle of keeping people invested in your advice -- even the nominal fee of $1 will make them take your services more seriously than if you were offering them for free.

    You'd also be in a better position to create a report as Audrey mentions because you've already taught the subject and know what a potential beginner needs to hear.

    Interesting idea.
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    Well I'm doing this with my company Your Personal GMAT Coach

    I offer free GMAT workshops and provide people with some real value. Once they see we are the shit, they want to sign up so they can ace the GMAT. It works well and we get to help people, even if they don't sign up. It's a win/win!!

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    This is really a good idea. I like Audrey's idea about the info product. If your friend pays anything they are likely to try to "get you" by asking tough questions. This dialogue alone could be an "interview" type info product.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      Well, start at $1.50

      It's a method for something that doesn't have anything at the moment...
      Make money from writing, find out how now.
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    I'm missing something here. I don't get it.

    Why do an upsell on someone that is already in your sales funnel. Sounds a lot like insurance and real estate salesperson prospecting, which starts with your own inner circle first.

    What essential part of this am I completely overlooking?
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    There's nothing new about this. It's simply another spin on the freebie offer: make them pay a small fee up front to make sure they're invested in the product or service.

    Alex Mandossian charged $20 for his preview call which sold his $2,000 Teleseminar Secrets course. Now why would he charge $20 for a preview call when many other marketers wouldn't charge anything for it?

    The primary reason is to instill value in that preview call. When someone values that call they will:

    1. Actually show up for the call (or actually listen to it if they can't show up for it live)
    2. Actually value the information provided (people often don't value what they don't pay for)
    3. Take the offer for the backend product being sold more seriously.

    I think $1 is waaay too low and not to be taken seriously, even as a spin on the freebie offer. $20 is even too low if you're selling consulting services. (But if you want to make a bottom-of-the-barrel offer, then $20 will do it.) Try $40 or $50.

    Good thought and right on the money though. But $1 "loss leader" is for plastic junk in a retail store, not for serious consulting services.

    "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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    Interesting idea, can't say I've heard of it before, and it encourages you to use your own skills to your advantage! Maybe the $1 rate could be steadily increased over a certain period of time to increase productivity, like the other posters ideas on this. Thank you!
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    $1 is too low for people to take you seriously, $1 is closer to free, maybe charge $7 which is almost nothing but not as ridiculous as long as you overdeliver on your information/service you may even upsell some skill for more money.

    Reminds me of a story where a fellow couldn't get his car started so he rang the mechanic who came down to have a look, after a minute he pulled out his hammer and bashed on the engine 3 times.

    He then gave a bill for $300 and the fellow wanted to know why it was so expensive when he just hit it with a hammer. Mechanics reply was $1 for hitting it with a hammer $299 for knowing where to hit it.

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