How much Content, for How Much Monthly?

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A lot of discussion keeps going around about membership sites.

While I fully realize that there are differences in every niche, I thought it might be a fruitful discussion to ask, just how much content does one need to provide for what level of monthly membership charges?

If you deliver way too much (useful/valuable) content for way too much money, you are leaving behind a lot of profits and in many cases the perceived value of your content is reduced.

On the other extreme, if you deliver way too little content or content with no value, you will have fewer longer term customers and your reputation will suffer.

Somewhere, there has to be a middle ground. Overdelivering is great, but don't overdo overdelivery.

Obviously I expect a lot less from a $9 a month or a $49 per year membership site than I do from a $49 per month or $297 per year site.

I thought perhaps warriors with membership site experience might be willing to share their thoughts?

--Scott Burton
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