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Hi guys,

I wondered if you would mind taking the time to review my blog:

Rich Blogs

The website is a blog about making money online - with a definite focus on internet marketing related topics.

Please be honest - I can take it! My background is more in the area of niche websites, so building a blog community is a little bit different for me and I'm a bit more unsure than usual.

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    looks good to me.. I'm personally not a fan of Adsense on branding blogs but whatever floats your boat.. You should check mines out some time..
    "May the optimism of your tomorrow fuel your drive for today"
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    Nice looking blog Rich, maybe you can get a better looking theme.
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  • I would suggest to have a stronger reason why someone should join your list. Look at mine in my signature file below.

    I am not talking about a keeping up to latest news but how to never pay out of pocket for your advertising ever again. This is what is called as a USP!
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    Maybe add a interesting image or artwork to each post to raise the tone.
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    The blog looks like it has a lot of great content! I would just recommend getting a better, more attractive, theme and adding some graphics to spic it up.
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    I would add a picture and some other personal info to the about me section. People will feel much more connected with you if they can put a face to a name. Just my opinion!
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    Pimp your blog up !! Make it interesting to stay on your blog !! Video's are a great way to capture their attention !!
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      Originally Posted by sarconi View Post

      Pimp your blog up !! Make it interesting to stay on your blog !! Video's are a great way to capture their attention !!
      Oh yea.. And they help decrease that dreadful bounce rate.
      "May the optimism of your tomorrow fuel your drive for today"
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    I agree with most comments already posted here. Looks like you're providing some good content but it's lacking some interesting visuals. Add some graphics or use a different theme.

    In addition to that, I would change your opt-in to be more of a call to action. Give visitors a reason to want to sign up and give you their email. As it is now, there is no reason for anyone to join. Offer a free report that helps people use twitter to make money and state that in your copy. Be creative and don't be afraid to try new things.

    Good luck.
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    Looks good I agree with the above statements, dress it up a bit more to make it super appealing.
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    Good luck with your blog but some may think this is hidden advertising wich isn`t too loved around here
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    Right off the bat, it looks 6.5/10. You should look into thesis framework as they have intensive customization.

    Currently with the theme you have, I'd drop the adsense section below 'Recent posts' as the intention would be clear. In the beginning, give more benefit to your blog sections rather than adsense ads.

    Just my 2 cents
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    looks nice to me. You should probably center your top banner or use 720x90.
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    Looks good bro, I agree you should definitely upgrade the banner. You can make a new one for free over at Make a few video blog posts as well man and keep building those backlinks. Offer to do guest posts on other blogs too will help increase exposure.

    "Successful people do the things unsuccessful people won't do" - (Somebody successful) :)

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    The theme is a little plain. But it looks like you have lots of good content.
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      Looks like a lot of categories.

      Why not use tags instead?
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      • Profile picture of the author MarkSalmon
        You need to add images and other media. To create real engagement you need readers to see and hear you - at the moment it looks pretty bland with a lot of text. I can't see an irresistible offer on there. Hey but who am I to talk - I commit all these crimes too!

        You can follow what I am doing to grow my business at I've been self-employed for 13 years as a business consultant and internet marketer.

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        • Profile picture of the author richblogs
          Thanks for all the feedback - very much appreciated. Here's what I am going to do based on the feedback here:

          - include a free ebook/report with the email subscription list (and probably put an image to draw the eye of a book)
          - get a logo to put next to the main title
          - cut down categories to a manageable few, and start using tags
          - introduce images to each of my posts (and possibly videos where appropriate)
          - put a picture on the About section
          - introduce a bit more colour generally to the theme
          - adjust the alignment/size of the top banner
          - drop the banner above 'Recent Posts'

          @ActA - sorry if it does seem like hidden advertising. I am genuinely looking for ways to improve my blog.

          A journal of making money online.
          Make Money Online | Rich Blogs (
          Chart my successes and failures of trying to earn my income online.

          Keep in touch: @RichBlogsDotCom or Facebook
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