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When using Build My Ranks, is it best to anchor text each keyword to the main site, or the specific article posted on the main site?

Or should you use a combination of both? Which means you have to set up a separate link for each keyword (anchor text).

I always use the keyword in the title, and then anchor text the keyword somewhere in the first 125 words. Should the keyword (anchor text) be in the 1st or 2nd sentence?

Just started using BMR, and a bit confused as to how to best use the service. :confused:

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    I've used different methods. My suggestion may be different than others, but I point the anchor text to the page containing the same keyword as is in the BMR article. That's what got your visitor to find your BMR article, so that's the page you should point them to.

    If it's not your primary page, provide inner links that point to your primary keyword page where the meat is if that's what your goal is. That way, when they find your BMR and click on your anchor text, they can then go to your main article/page from there if you provide a link to it by means of another anchor.

    I hope this makes sense.
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    Well BMR is difficult to use as it requires unique, perfectly written articles.

    Their rejection rate is high, especially when you're just starting out and learning rules of the game.

    You get to post 1 link in every 150 words of your article and in my experience longer articles do better in BMR. They need to have a structure and the "story" behind them or they will get rejected.

    Regarding your question about anchor text/KW placement, I use the same general rules I do when making articles for my money site.
    KW density 1.5-2%, KW in title, first and last sentence of the article, .alt tag and anchor text.

    If you created KW targeted blog and each of your pages in your site targets different KW's then of course link to them from your BMR posts. It's a good network if you're willing to put in the time
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