I need a membership site that does these things...

by Dayne Dylan 10 replies

I'm thinking of staring a paid membership website in the self improvement field. What I would like is for this site to have places for articles, reports, audio/video, forum/message board and most of all, individual member pages (like Myspace or similiar) that are easy to create for members. This would make it more of a community.

Any recommendations of what program or service to use for this?

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    Joomla is a great option ...

    it is free but extremely well supported. It gives you great publishing capabilities just like you want and more. You can also get a free plugin that adds membership functionality.

    Good luck
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    You could use any membership site script to protect a folder and then install some social networking software within the membership area?

    All the best

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      This is a new piece of software that my friend developed with his partner.

      I think it may have all the elements that you are looking for.

      Check out the video overview and then if you like it, you can try it for a week for $1.

      Here's the link (not an affiliate link)

      Have a Membership Site up in Minutes! | MembershipBase.com

      Good Luck!
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        Joomla is a CMS, Drupal is a CMS for community applications. That may be more of what you want.
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          I agree joomla is an excellent option. I use it for a membership site. Have all the features yo mentioned.
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            I don't get this whole joomla thing. What's it all about?

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              It is a great Content Management System.

              I just started using Joomla, as I had made a similar post regarding either Joomla or Drupal.

              In a short couple of hours I had the basic concept set up, now all I need to do is add more extensions, which they have many, and add content.

              As I am not that good at php, it was a snap to get up and running.

              I am going to be using it as a local business directory that offers membership for listings, websites, etc.

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    Here is where Dolphin shines esp. if you want minimal setup chores. You mentioned paid membership but missed to list payment processor . Dolphin takes care of that too.

    You're free to define membership types-free,standard,premium etc. Customize the page layout, menu, fields, images and lots more.

    I have a few sites under development myself. So give Dolphin a look.

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    Dolphin likes Brilliant! Thank you.

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