New Business Model for Creating Products

by Chris The Traffic Blogger 6 replies
Hey all. I'm kind of excited right now because I believe that I've found a pretty simple method for polishing up products, creating hype, and of course selling them!

So here's what I'm trying right now on my blog.

First, I created hype. "Tweet this post and enter into the drawing for a chance to win $500 worth of free coaching." Quite a few responded within 24 hours. So there, you have some social media hype. Then I went to my list and blasted them with the details of my project, asking them to email me if they were interested. Not a public display but still quite a few got hyped up and excited about the offer.

Second, I picked 3 people. They were somewhat random, though I definitely removed people I would not want testing my product from the list of possible entrants. I sent them each the first third of the product and gave them a week to get it done.

Thirdly, I have made myself available to answer questions and coach each one through using the product. Each time they ask a question it's another bullet on my agenda to polish the product up a bit more.

So now when the product is finished, I will ask each person who I coached to give a 250-500 word testimonial. If my product truly works then I will get awesome testimonials and lots of hype already going on about the nature of the free coaching. People are already wondering what kinds of secrets I'm revealing to these three winners and when they will get to share in these ideas.

I'm thinking of turning the product into a $37-$97 retail priced course. Depends on how much video I put into it really.

What do you think of this business model? Any advice for ways to make it better?
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  • Alright well I'll give this post one bump for ideas and let it die after that.
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  • I think this sounds smart not sure though if everyone could do it especially if they are new because not sure if they would have enough influence on twitter, ect...

    I love the idea I may even have to try =)

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      Don't take this the wrong way mate but isn't it illegal to remove people from a drawing?

      I like your approach and would like to try it, yet I know that there are some legalities when it comes to such things like drawings - something I'd like to know more about before pursuing. Where I live people love to sue each other. :rolleyes:
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    By the way, I think the business model is great. It' something similar to what I will be doing - minus the drawing and a few other things. =D

    And are you going to continue the drawing approach for this product or are you done after 3 people?
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    I think it's a good idea as well. Just wonder if it would be tough getting them to actually follow through on the entire process.
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    sounds interesting plan.
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