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Hey guys,

I have about 6x 1400w+ articles that I have written for my site over the last couple weeks and my home page is starting to get rather large (since entire posts are being displayed).

I have started using the genesis teaser boxes (like post excerpts) to display my three main articles (with my highest keyword searches) in full, and the rest in side by side boxed format.

I was just wondering what the latest is regarding duplicate content using this method. I have done some research and tons of people recommend writing a separate excerpt that you place on your home page for each article. Although this would be great, is this really required?

I will do whatever it takes as this is a very long term project (I plan to build this site for a straight year, 2-3 1400+ w articles a week)

Thanks in advance.

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    Obviously the way that takes more work is probably always the better way to do

    BUT, I have a site that is growing daily with just an automatic excerpt that does about 5-10k hits a day (3k from Google usually)
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    5-10k hits a day? My gawd.. Alright good to know, thanks for your input. I know this is a small thing, but since I am putting so much effort into the site, I just want to make sure I have all my bases covered.
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