The power of check lists

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While I may not be making as much money as some of you, but I am reaching my goals, and I am making money online, and that's what matters. One of the most powerful tools I use, are a simple piece of paper...and a pen.

As most of us become increasingly more dependent and reliant on technology it's easy to forget just how powerful the basics can be...The lure and distractions of the online world are astronomical and ever increasing. However you can offset that. There's something special about holding a piece of paper, a notepad, etc... in ones hand, and taking it all in. Can you feel it? how about smell it? Yeah it smells good doesn't it? That's because what you're smelling is productivity, and success. If you want to reach new heights in all areas of your business,and IM ventures, get a piece of paper right now, make a check list for tomorrow, and when you wake up do every single thing on that list over the coarse of the day. Because with every check you'll inch closer to success, and have completed another task. This list shouldn't be taken lightly, it should be viewed as having to be completed at all costs. If you fail to complete it in the allocated time, you should be distraught over it, you should be upset, it needs to be a big deal to you, because failing to complete the list means you're saying to yourself, I don't want to succeed. I don't want to do what it takes, I want to fail like 99% of those who came before me... This is called the warrior forum for a reason, it requires internet warriors. Failure is unacceptable my friends. Internet marketing can be one of the hardest jobs in the world, if you don't have the desire inside, the never say die mentality. You have to reach deep inside yourself at any given time and pull out every single thing you have left and get-it-done. If you do this, you'll be amazed at what you're accomplishing and how fast. You'll be another success story that everyone on here looks up to, and most importantly your mindset will change, you'll see yousrelf as a different person, and more success will come easier. In fact you want to know what the difference between those are rich/successful vs those who aren't? Action and Focus. When you're sleeping, others are working, they're getting it done always remember that. And If you don't put the work in, it's no different then you complaining about not winning the lottery when you've never even bought a ticket... so I say, use check lists, stay focused, and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.
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    Recently I've discovered a strategy of using two types of lists.
    1. Check list with tasks to do (I'm using both online software and old fashion paper and pen)
    2. Achievements list - this is a weekly list where I'm putting all the things that I have been able to finish.

    This is great for me because I'm not looking on the list of tasks to do (which can be depressing) but I'm looking at the list of achievements. This way I'm competing with myself to get better results then last week.

    At least this is my way
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    • Absolutely! There are few things more valuable when it comes to productivity for me than the good old check list.
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    Iv been doing this for the last 3 months are so and im seeing big improvements in getting things done. I like to have a pen and paper aswell.

    I have one short note pad for the things to do today (summary) and then a bigger notepad to write out in detail what needs to be done in detail.
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      Being a pilot I'm a big fan of checklists... anytime you want to make sure something gets done right, use a checklist.
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        Law of comitment...good idea.
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          Checklists are a great way to keep goals in sight and keep track of what your obligations are. I prefer spreadsheets over pen and paper, but that's more personal preference than anything.

          Another great tool is mind-mapping software. It can be used for just about anything you want to do related to organization. Xmind is my free mind mapping tool of choice.
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          • Checklists Are Fully Sick!

            If your a reader...checkout The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right By Atul Gawande


            P.S Yes, I have been drinking!
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              Originally Posted by Michael Silvester View Post

              Checklists Are Fully Sick!

              If your a reader...checkout The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right By Atul Gawande


              P.S Yes, I have been drinking!
              Haha nice. And i'm happy to see so many others who've discovered the power of the checklists, thanks for sharing your experiences.
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    Goals. The word makes my mouth water. Literally. Any excuse to make goals, review goals - is welcome. First of the year? Birthday? Mid-month? Full moon? Goals and getting them done. ... what I've often failed at is the process of review - reviewing and acknowledging how far I've come. At the end of every year I set aside 90 days where I spend a fair amount of time

    1) reviewing what has been accomplished (name any area of your life and positive change that you made)
    2) what remains to be done that can be tied up in the next 90 days (or less) ... this is usually little to do stuff, learning stuff, clutter and other stuck energy that only distracts you.
    3) what you want the next year to look like (or not look like).

    It's so powerful to reflect, reset, and re-align with your goals, your lists, your productivity. Good work, good rewards.
    Just starting out? Make the right steps out of the gate - PM me for quick advice or private coaching.

    Let me be your sanity check.
    Off and online marketing, websites, IM, info products ... the works
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    Even after 30 years on the job, doing the same thing day after day, there is a reason pilots still use a pre-flight checklist.
    My New Video Series is Free (for now)
    Crazy good marketing tips from the founder of JVZoo.
    Get EBR 365 Now!
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    Checklist is a cool solution for the biggest problem in IM : Lack of focus
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    Every Sat morning growing up as a kid at the breakfast table my Dad always had a check list of thing to do. I still like a check list to stay on track. Especially at the end of the day you see what you accomplished.
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    Love and use both checklists and to-do lists.

    One cool wrinkle I use with to-do lists: as you finish items, instead of simply checking them off with a checkmark, use a highlighter on them. Not only does it make it very easy to see which tasks still need doing, it emphasizes and highlights what you've completed - a win-win.
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    I'm a big fan of the Getting Things Done method - and since discovering evernote my productivity levels have been through the roof. I use evernote on all my devices... computer, smart phone, ipad...everywhere.
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    Cashtree's Things To Do List

    [x] Post thread on the power of check lists
    [ ] Add paragraphs in my post


    But yeah. Checklists are a great way to systemise tasks and keep a record of what you have done and what is needed to do
    Traffic + Conversions = $$$$

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    With Kris on this, 2 lists are better than 1. First list is the individual tasks you need to complete to reach your goals, whether this is to launch a website or start a new online marketing campaign.

    I also always like to start the day with a couple of quick wins, like reply to an email, order x number of articles, this way not only have you crossed some things off, other people will be working towards your goals at the same time then you get things done quicker too
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