URLs - can you use product names?

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Hi everyone,

I am thinking about creating a niche site for a console game and wanted to ensure I purchase the correct URL. However, can we use product names? If not, how does one get around this?

For example, if I wanted to use the keyword ' Buy Grand Theft Auto 3', am I allowed to purchase www.buygrandtheftauto3.com?


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    Don't use trademark names in your domain names. The company may or may not come after you, but it is still illegal. The last thing you want is to build a site and start getting traffic, only to be told by a lawyer to hand it over to them.
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    URLs: Yes (yourdomain.com/productname)

    Domains: No. (yourdomain.com)

    Agree with Brian. Last thing you want is to spend a ton of time on a site, only to have it taken down.
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    Thanks guys.
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