What is the best way to host 100 domains?

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Hey Warriors. I would appreciate anybody's advice here!

I own and monetize 100 domains on one shared host account! I know some of you would call me crazy but I want to jump up to a better hosting plan. What is the best way to go?

1) Buy a Reseller Hosting and spread these 100 domains on 100 individual accounts?
2) VPS?
3) Dedicated Server?

I want to spread all domains so that one IP is used for a maximum of 4 domains....

Any input will be greatly appreciated..

PS: I will be using HOSTGATOR.
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    I would personally just stick with shared hosting.

    The other more sophisticated options are appealing, but they come with a lot of overhead and can require more attention.

    From your perspective, a VPS and a dedicated server will look the same. The principle motivation with a dedicated server is to secure more resources and ensure that those are 100% available all the time. This isn't strictly possible with VPS.

    VPS can be more affordable and if shared hosting is working for you right now, then your volume of traffic is most likely suitable for a VPS, if you choose that route. I really like working with Linode - Xen VPS Hosting for VPS hosting.

    I still think you'll have a better experience with share hosting.
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    Originally Posted by yousefgreat View Post

    I want to spread all domains so that one IP is used for a maximum of 4 domains....
    So you will need 25 IP addresses. You will either need 25 different shared hosting accounts or a reseller account where you can assign 25 IP addresses to individual cPanel accounts.
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    dwatrous summed it up pretty well.

    I'd personally go with a VPS or dedicated server (depending on projected traffic) but unless you're experienced in managing a Linux server, are good with computers and can learn it quickly, or go with a fully-managed server, you're going to have a brutal time.
    "Keep moving forward."
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    Very helpful thread. I'm no hosting genius myself, so these posts definitely helped me out :-)

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    Thank you dwatrous, micksss, Matt Ward, hotwebwords for all the input!

    From an SEO Prospective, is it important to host these 100 Domains on unique IPs or spread them over various IPs?

    Or I can rephrase that question to: Is it safe to host all these 100 Domains on ONE IP? Does it have any negative effect on my rankings?
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    There's generally wrong with hosting everything on one domain from an SEO standpoint with ONE caveat: you shouldn't link any of the sites (in the SEO sense) if you're going to do this.

    Some people prefer to keep their sites separate for various personal reasons. Also, if you plan on doing anything nefarious (against Google's TOS) then you'll probably want to keep everything separate.
    "Keep moving forward."
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    I would recommend multiple hosting. I run about 30 websites ranging from cpa sites, adsense sites, blackhat sites, movie sites. 3 offshore hosting and 2 regular hosting.
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    I was wondering about this same question. Thanks for posting.
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      I'm no expert at this, but if you are concerned about the interlinking of your sites and better rankings in the search engines, some web hosts offer several C class options which apparently make your sites appear to be located on entirely different servers.

      You can sometime find such hosting offers in The Warrior Classified Ads Section.

      Personally, I use three separate hosts. That gives me the option to do all sorts of 'cross linking' but it also gives me peace of mind. If one host goes out of business, I'm still in business!

      Just my thoughts,

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