My Daily Work Process In Marketing Mode

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Good morning, Warriors. I wanted to take a minute to share with you how I work when online/offline marketing. I have a process that produces for me, and you might improve upon it. Time is money, so lets get right to it.
  1. Get in my chair at 8:15 AM, right after taking my son to school
  2. My monitors are still on and my browsers are already open from the previous day with multiple tabs showing my work in the niche I selected for the week
  3. Crank up and run it on VLC
  4. Run my rank checking software for the clients and my own keyword status as necessary
  5. 9:00 AM - put on my headset and start making the calls into my selected niche
  6. As I make each call, I leave a voice mail (or sometimes actually get to speak to a real human being) also send a short email or contact form message with a link back to my optimized page that addresses the needs in their niche
  7. I always add the email, phone number and names of every person I talk to, and make sure to place them into the category (their niche) in Microsoft Outlook. Set follow-up times as necessary
  8. Study from one of my teachers for 30 minutes, minimum
  9. Follow up on contacts made days or weeks earlier, as required
  10. Broaden my market by creating new pages or posts optimized for that market.
  11. Ping backlinks, as necessary
  12. rinse and repeat
There are many small details left out (competition research, keyword research, making videos, linking processes, etc) but this is my standard every day routine.

Good hunting
SEO Jerry
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    The important question here is:

    what kind of music are you listening to on!?
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    • Originally Posted by JamesMcCaferty View Post

      The important question here is:

      what kind of music are you listening to on!?
      Ha ha...good one.

      Great post. A daily action plan is like gold. It sounds way too simple to make a big difference, but when I started building a to 'do list' if you like, I noticed a consistent stream of sales starting appearing day after day.
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  • I have a marketing schedule that I have been using for a couple years. It seems like most internet marketing programs would teach this.

    You need to have a plan where you are going to post your content.
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    I like your schedule! I have a different one but is good as yours!
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