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My current site/blog is on blogger and I know that long term this isn't the way to go, but I get a lot of traffic coming to my blog from the linked twitter account that I have set up.

If I now go and set up a website on wordpress and host it somewhere else, can I duplicate the content on both sites to keep my current readers and also promote new site in a bid to attract more.

I appreciate any help that is on offer, many thanks
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  • Will it all depends on how traffic is coming if you are using it for SEO traffic then I would not suggest it. If your doing anything else then sure, go for it.
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    the bulk of my traffic come from twitter, fb and other blogs who have exchanged links with me, seowise I have written articles for ezine etc and it does come in the search in google and probably about 10-20 different search terms per week in google

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    I would say make the switch, inform current readers that you're moving, redirect Twitter to the new site, etc. You could even do it little by little, transition everything and everyone over to the new destination. Bite the bullet now, or else you'll be in this same situation, but with much more at stake in the future.
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