Can I do this with PayPal?

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OK, sorry guys - I have looked everywhere and can't figure this out.

Here's what I want to accomplish..

Customer clicks the Buy button, is taken to the checkout page...completes checkout, is then directed to an upsell page with a service that I am providing.

Service is recurring monthly fee. No problem. Requires that I email them monthly with their goodies.

I need to accomplish two things.

1. Be able to instantly send them an email with their goodies right away if they subscribe to the monthly product.

2. For the initial product I need to email them with the password to a member's area.

I can't figure out how to set up PayPal to automate an email to go out with both a password and link to the member's section of my site, and I can't figure out how to send an email with their 1st monthly goods resources.

Plus, after this, do I have to keep emailing them monthly with their goodies manually, or can I automate this in PayPal?
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    I know WHAT you can do, but I am more a project manager than programmer. You would have a return URL with paypal, and since you hopefully already received information from them, you would direct a script to email them when they arrive at this URL. Alternately, you could make a call to the Paypal API asking for the email address and other information like name and address.
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      The other option is to execute these functions from a shopping cart on your site. Most carts can do this. New integrated platforms also deploy across web, WP, social, and mobile sites.
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      PayPal is becoming a pain in my butt...

      I think I will just set up an opt-in form if they choose my monthly service so that I can just automate what goes out to them in my auto responder.
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    when you set your paypal button there is an option for advance settings.

    you can choose where to re-direct them.
    So you can direct them to your download page instead of sending them the download stuff. Or you can send them to a page for them to sign up. then when they sign up, they will receive all the things including the password everything from your auto reposnder, so this would be under your autoresponder already.

    use paypal to redirect only, to a sign up page and tell them they have to sign up after buying to receive their credentials.

    alot of clickbank people do this.
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