Can someone help me develop a unique sales proposition?

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We are doing an ad in clipper and my boss keeps doing coupons like $600 off a basement waterproofing system. We do basement waterproofing as you likely guessed.

The thing is I see like 3 of our competitors in the clipper doing the same exact thing. And we are having a problem thinking of something unique we can offer that will attract a lot of attention and seperate us from the rest of the people advertising in the clipper.

What else can we do besides coupons? Any unique ideas that can help motivate readers?
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    The part I am having trouble with specifically is developing an offer that can also be used to target my market. My market is people who need basement waterproofing services. So there doesn't seem there is anything I can really offer people aside from things that can help them waterproof their basement.

    I'm just getting sick of all these "save $500!" coupons because people know most business's just add the $500 on before giving the price.

    Should I advertise some type of contest in the clipper? Like "enter to win a free basement waterproofing installation"? We can't give away a free system to people as they cost thousands but I was thinking we can offer something like a dry lock installation instead. Its very inefficient as far as waterproofing goes and does not work for serious problems but most people don't know that.
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    Why should people do business with you even if competitors prices beats or matches yours?

    Maybe speed and quality is what you specialize in. Maybe your customer service and price is the area that separates you. I notice big brick and mortar businesses incorporate a logo with a mascot or spokesman to add to the USP. A slogan has to be put in place.

    The marketing department will have to do some brainstorming to answer the question of why choose you. Incorporate a catchy slogan to sum up what your company best benefit is and brand yourself with a spokesperson or mascot with a logo. Every time your potential customer sees that slogan, logo and spokesperson they will think of you. If your slogan identifies with what that person desires when searching for a basement waterproofing system you will stand out more than your competition.
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    You're looking for a hook. It's hard to even guess without seeing the other ads. If all they have going for them is a discount then your job is easy. It's fear versus security.

    The last thing people want is a basement full of water. They're afraid of that happening. It makes them uneasy. They'll feel secure knowing your company has eliminated the possibility of having a wet basement.

    Draw them in with fear or insecurity (like insurance companies do) and sell them on the security, the good feeling they'll have knowing they're protected, again, like insurance companies do. If you have a guarantee, throw that up ther in flashing neon.

    Maybe you could show a pic of some guy and his wife staning in their basement up to their ankles in water. They're not happy. They have little cartoon talk bubbles saying, "We shoulda used _____________. Insert your company name there.
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