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Hey Warriors,

I need a little strategy advice here.

I am looking to start list building and selling products to my list as as business model.

I have a budget for traffic and I havnt decided on the niche as yet. What I do want to know is this though, how do I create a back end sales process for customers when I will be an affiliate.

I really dont want to go into product creation as yet as I feel I will have enough to learn with ad copy, click thru rates, page conversion etc... that is why I want to act as an affiliate. I want to concentrate on the traffic and the list building and communication with the list.

I am aware of the marketing funnel and progressive price points but as an affiliate is it just a case of offering higher priced products furthur on in your autoresponder sequence, or is there a way of segmenting your list into product purchasers ( I have awebber) even though i am just an affiliate) and then offering higher priced point material.

Also how can I research where to find higher priced point material e.g $500 plus to promote as an affiliate, i seem to see a lot of low price point stuff e.g $97 on places like click bank.

Thanks for all your help in advance


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    As an affiliate it has limitations. The product owners mission is to get thousands of affiliates to promote for them. Did you know that 80% to 98% of how product owners get sales is through their affiliates. Brilliant business model. Make a product, test and tweak until it converts. Recruit affiliate after affiliate until you have hundreds to thousands and then sit back and wait for them to do most of the work.

    If you don't want to create products well I can't force you to create them. The only other model that you can use to create leverage and residual like product owners is network marketing. Affiliate marketing is more or less performance based employees for the owner who is the product creator. Yes you receive up to 75% but you are one of many people pushing the same products. The smart affiliates create bonuses. If you have that know how to do that you should be a product owner. The point I am trying to stress here is not to limit yourself. Product owner or Networking marketing will not limit you. With affiliate marketing just realize that a product owner is trying to recruit thousands of you to do 80-98% of his work for him.
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    There are plenty of people who do well only as a affiliate, I did that for my first 10 years online. Of course you have more opportunity as product creator, but it's not for every one and less so for those just starting out.

    Though, I think once you get going, and learn more, how it works, you'll be able to start making your own products. You could always do it later. Or you could re-vamp something like PLR to make your own products.

    As for segmenting, I don't see how you would do that because the customers go to the affiliate program, so you can't really track them or move them around on your own lists. Unless you offer bonuses, and when you send people to collect their bonus item, move them to a buyers list. Just a thought.

    That's a good question, about finding higher ticket items. Most of that is on the back end, so not really out in public for affiliates. Though I am sure you could find them, just a matter of searching.
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    My best advice is to do all you can to build an opt-in list, whichever
    route you go. It's a fundamental strategy, but one of the most valuable
    of all of Internet Marketing. It trumps FB/social media, also. P
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