Should a Blogger Learn How to be a Webmaster?

by tbc41
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Hey Warriors,

I've only been on the forum for a little while now, but I was wondering what your thoughts were...

Should a blogger, like me, without programming capabilities (I know enough HTML to get me in trouble) learn programming skills like php and java script?

I don't want this too be such a black and white question, as I am not an idiot and I do understand it would make my life easier, but I was wondering what the more experienced warriors have found?

With all the latest technologies and plugins available, it almost seems that there is so much a blogger can do now without learning all the technical stuff, but I am wondering what your thoughts are and how you've dealt with your growing business?

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    Personally as a Blogger you really do not have to be a Webmaster so to speak. I use mostly WordPress for my blogs except for a few. It makes it easy enough so you do not really have to be a so called Webmaster. Blogger is the same way too/

    I would guess learning programming and coding would definitely be of good to know. It wouldnt hurt that is for sure.

    But really not necessary in Blogging imo

    P.S. I Know you havent been here that long, but you might get that Affiliate Link out of the Body of your Post. They do not look nicely on that here
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      Thanks Discrat...I took out the link to my wasn't an affiliate was a link to my site, but I took it down anyway...thanks for the heads up and good feedback!!

      Jaime Jay

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    being a webmaster, and learning php and javascript are two different things.

    webmaster's run websites. dealing with hosting and operations.

    designers, generally, deal with JS.

    developers, generally, do server-side languages, such as php or ruby.

    should you learn php and JS?

    if you plan on staying a blogger then only learn what you need day-to-day. concentrate on what gives you a competitive advantage in the market place; this is what creates revenue for you.
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      If you want to make additional income streams outside of blogging, I would recommend learning how to program. In my opinion, it's much easier to use what has already been developed and learn how to write content than it is to become an expert programmer. This can vary from person to person, but if you want to become a really experienced programmer, prepare for a lot of work ahead.
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      Thanks Oscar the Horse, for the clarification. As I am not too technical, that really helps me to understand... these little tidbits may seem insignificant, but in the overall scale of things, all these tidbits add thanks!

      Jaime Jay

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      Hey John Rossdale! I did start a class on c++ in college and immediately dropped it because it was so the time, I didn't know any HTML or anything and everything I've learned to date has taken quite some time...thanks for the heads up as I ponder whether or not to get more heavily involved instead of relying on outsourcing...thanks!

      Jaime Jay

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      John McCabe... great feedback...I think that's most likely the route I would like to take... just keeping up with my blog takes up so much of my time, that it might be best to outsource the critical updates to a true pro and just learn enough to manage the less important, hacks and tweaks as you say.


      Jaime Jay

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    It depends on what you mean by "learn programming skills like php and java script."

    Here's an approach that's served me well over the years...

    I know just enough to either make minor tweaks to scripts, etc. or find the references online to make those tweaks. That list includes html, css, javascript and php.

    This also gives me the basic vocabulary to describe what I want to a pro.

    By knowing the very basics of how to do some hacks and tweaks, I can try things without having to hire a contractor for every little thing and then wait for them to get around to it.

    On the other hand, if I need something important and/or sophisticated, I rely on proven pros.
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    I would recommend focusing on blogging and the art of generating traffic via great content that is appealing to your target audience versus getting too wrapped up in the tech.

    The money is in the art of writing, generating and converting the traffic and not the tech, unless you make money directly for doing the tech for someone else.

    The big exception is if you really want to learn the tech, are passionate about it and have a long term plan on how to best leverage it.

    I use wordpress and a nice firefox addon called firebug. This addon allows you to better understand how others have created their site. It gives you the ability to "inspect" the code of others websites so that you can view minor coding tweaks and/or understand more complicated scripts.

    Other than that focus on writing good content.
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      Thanks BostonTweetUp...that's awesome advice...I work in chrome, but I will check into firebug...that's the kind of info that will really help! Much appreciated! thanks.

      Jaime Jay

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    Some great posts, it used to be back in the day that if you did not know the per-requisite, skills to be a webmaster, you just were out of luck in getting a website up and running, you really had to have at least a working knowledge of CGI, )

    Those were the days of yore, but today, I think it is really beneficial to know as much as you can learn, these days there is a GUI for just about anything, but knowing how to use the command line, can be a real benefit, as some systems still only operate that way.

    There is a bias, in certain Geeky parts of the web where if you do not know CLI you will not get any help, they will just ignore you, )

    There are some very interesting development going on right now and if I were just starting out, and had the time and attention span, to learn, I would learn This, SpringIDE - Using Spring in Eclipse | Eclipse Zone

    I would jump on that bucking bronco and not let go until I learned it, )

    The web is an ever morphing event, and the more you know the better off you will be.
    Software Development | Applications | OSX | iOS | Android | Cloud Software Engineering |
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  • Profile picture of the author tbc41
    Hi Tim Franklin...thanks for your feedback... I will check into those sites you recommended and try to break the bronc...not much of a rider here, but I am a quick study...thanks for the heads up and links! Much appreciated!


    Jaime Jay

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  • Profile picture of the author Carl Juneau
    Hi Jaime,

    My answer to would be no, don't learn any programming.

    As an entrepreneur, you need to focus on your unique ability—and delegate the rest.

    Even if you're just starting out, don't spend time learning something you'll have someone else do further down the road.

    Get someone check on oDesk to do the programming for you, and focus on serving your market (by creating products or services).

    You'll make more money, faster that way.

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    I feel that a blogger should know more skills like SEO, Promoting, and Networking than the HTML PHP and other software building because this is a great way to get your blog more known.

    I am currently trying to focus more on my promotion skills, SEO skills and network than anything else, because I want more traffic to my blog. CSS wouldnt really help with traffic ... when you think about it.
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    Hi tbc,

    You said you are a blogger, but didn't actually say whether your intention was to make money, so assuming you do...

    You only need concern yourself with two things, the quality of your content and getting traffic to your site.

    Without quality content your visitors will not return and without traffic your blog is dead in the water.

    Once you have traffic you can monetize it, assuming your are blogging in a niche where people are spending money, it could be Adsense, Affiliate offers, CPA offers or better still your own product or whatever else fits your niche.

    Traffic though is the key, once you learn how to get that in large quantities you are away.

    With Wordpress and all the themes and plugins available for it there is not much need for much programming skill, just learn a little like John McCabe suggests above and this will allow you to tweak templates and such.

    Learning a little about on-page SEO will be helpful too, but if you are blogging to get traffic and not targeting specific keywords in your posts for the SERP's then it will not matter overmuch, in any event you may find your articles ranking naturally for keywords/phrases contained therein, writing lots of posts could see you ranking for thousands of them.

    hope this helps

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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    You really dont need to learn PHP, programming or anything else. Most website development tools handles all of this for you. It's just up to you to put things together on your website. And if you want to stick with Blogger, then you have the most easiest way to start your own website known to man. You may want to redirect your default Blogger address to your own personal website address.
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  • Profile picture of the author tbc41
    Thanks Carl Juneau - nice name, I grew up in Juneau, AK...anyway, thanks for the helpful insight...I agree...the more feedback I got from you experienced warriors, the better I feel about pursuing my current course of action. Thanks again.

    Jaime Jay

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    Hey there Tonylee93...I have to agree with you...optimize, optimize and oh yeah, optimize...I will and thanks again.

    Jaime Jay

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  • Profile picture of the author tbc41
    Hi Tim3,
    Yes, for sure I want to monetize and therefore I need to continue my focus on my optimization techniques. Thanks for such a detailed response... it really helps..this is a great place for this kind of thing. I have been learning about all the various plugins for WP and have integrated the ones, I believe to be, the most helpful...I am struggling with slow page load speeds, so I am in the process of only working with the plugins I feel are the most important...thanks~

    Jaime Jay

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    Thanks Randall Magwood...much appreciated...I am using wp now and so I think I'll stick with that at least for the time being. As soon as I get a better handle on this, I may be able to incorporate blogger down the road...thanks again!

    Jaime Jay

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  • Profile picture of the author davejug1
    If you are staying in blogging then no need.

    If you are looking at branching out though I would certainly suggest learning other stuff. The ability to alter things on the fly is invaluable.
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    Yes I do have freebies!

    Expertise comes not through knowledge or skills, but through practice
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