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Hey Board --

I already posted this in the Copywriters forum, but thought it was worth a shot here, too...

I work for a company that owns a patented product and comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. I have a large inventory on hand with the ability to produce on demand.

It's a high-ticket item, at $200 a pop, marketed to residential homes to help them save on their fuel bills. The product works, and has been installed in homes, cars, ice arenas, Kodak, Delphi, and a few others.

We're a small company. Less than 10 total employees, plus our manufacturers.

I have written some pretty poor copy for my site and am looking for someone to help spruce it up. Also, I need to drive traffic to my site... and I don't know where to start.

I can't begin to tell you how many hours of Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, and the like over the summer. My issue is this - HOW DO I GET TRAFFIC TO MY SITE?

Is there an affiliate program I can join? I have an email list of 44k students that could progress into a few purchases, but they're not really the ideal market.

People are starving for my product. It WORKS. It's based on a Nobel Prize in Physics from the late 80's. The installation is simple, and it lasts a lifetime.

I just got a fax in from an ice arena and they're saving 11.2% on their fuel bills -- that's over $28,000.00 a year!

We are so confident in the product that we guarantee it to increase your fuel efficiency by 10%. Cars get an extra 1-3 miles a gallon, home hot-water heaters and furnaces (powered by gas) get a 10% minimal savings...

The ROI is never longer than 14 months, and they last a life time. No servicing....

Does anyone have any tips?

I need to get going on the marketing...


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