Am I supposed to provide free samples to possible affiliates?

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I just launched my affiliate program and send out an email blast. I had a mommy blogger respond to my email blast asking me for free samples. She didn't really say she was interested in being an affiliate, she just said that she "would be happy to try my product out if I send her some samples."
She also mentioned she didn't know how she got on my list (it's all people who signed up for our list) so maybe she signed up and forgot?

It would cost me about $5 to send her a physical product sample (this is an actual product, not an electronic one) so I'd have to mail it to her.

Should I send her some samples or is she just seeking freebies? she does have some ads and what might be other affiliate links on her website already. I'm new to having affiliates (I think our program was very successful - we launched it yesterday and already have had some sales from it and about 100 affiliates sign up in 24 hours). I don't want to make any enemies either by not sending samples, but I figure I should learn whats right and whats not early on.

My product is in the mommy niche so she's not a terrible one to have promoting/selling my product but I would also like to set a standard and follow it.
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    I worked for a vendor once who offered free samples but ONLY to guys/girls who already made one sale. This should cut your sample costs and filter out the affiliates who are actually looking to promote the product not just grab a freebie.
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    Affiliates should have tried your product before trying to sell it. You should provide your affiliates with everything they need. Templates, sales copy, sample content, graphics, logos, banners, and etc.

    I realize this is not an electronic download product but you still need to provide the affiliates with everything so they can properly promote and sell your item.
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    It actually depends as to how you look at it

    A half filled glass can be looked as a half filled glass or a half empty one, The question is do you see opportunity in this deal OR do you see loss of 5 $?

    If you see the 5 $ as an investment, if she becomes an affiliate and gets you some sales, that can itself make up for 5 $, but you need to research on her site and stuff regarding the traffic, if there is no traffic or less traffic on her site, chances are that she might be looking for a freebie.

    If traffic is there on the site, grab the opportunity !
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