what do the numbers mean on google keyword tool

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I was doing keyword research and I kept being told this.

"Google's Keyword Tool is considered the "default tool" for giving you approximate expectations on howmuch traffic you'll get if you successfully target a given keyword.
It also suggests related keywords based on your input. Let the search volume
and CPC (cost-per-click) guide you towards useful keywords.
Remember to use "exact match" searches so that you don't target keywords thatyour visitors aren't really targeting."

What do I look for in search volume. What sort of volume am I looking at.
And what figures suggest to me on CPC basis a good keyword.


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    That traffic data is not accurate. Also your cpc will be different than the numbers shown in the keyword tool.

    What do you look for in search volume? This depends on what you want to do. You'll need to be more specific with what your objective is. Are you trying to get organic traffic for a keyword? Then the answer is the highest volume you can rank for, as long as it makes sense to your business goals.

    As to the CPC are you trying to do adwords? If so, set up your account and do your best to get a high quality score. That will give you your best cpc.
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    Well, as the other person said, it will depend on your objective. You want to look at global results if you're looking at something global. I always use exact word searches, like it says (that's the search terms in [] ). The other thing I look at is competition. You want to see how many sites you'll be competing with, and whether you can get your keywords to the first page of google. It's kind of hard to explain. That's where a tool like Market Samurai can be really good.
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    So if the Search Volume is High and CPC is High overall with low competiition then Im on to a winning run. But I was always told to go with a search volume of no more than 6000 and I see search volumes with 173000 with low competition?

    I appreciate both your answers but I'm still loosing the plot.

    I want to set up a wordpress site with content on it. Have adsense, some cpa and clickbank on it.


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    The numbers you see usually show the amount of searches per month on the given keywords. However accuracy of the tool is often thought to be not so good
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      Originally Posted by ryanmilligan View Post

      The numbers you see usually show the amount of searches per month on the given keywords. However accuracy of the tool is often thought to be not so good
      Thanks for the reply but does high search volume and high cpc with low competition mean a good start.

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    Okay I just seen someones signature link. helps me out alot. lol. but how to find them?? grrrr.

    - High search volume keywords , high CPC keywords, easy to rank keywords
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    Google keyword tool is not for keyword research, it is for adwords. If you are using it for keyword research for keywords for your site / content then you are using the wrong tool. The reason why the results are not accurate is because it is designed for adwords.

    You are far better off trying seobook or semrush.
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      Okay, so once you're using the Google Adwords Tool, you'll put in a seed keyword and then see a bunch of related keywords with columns titled: Competition, Global Monthly Searches, Local Monthly Searches, and Local Search Trends.

      Competition is the amount of Google Adwords customers who are competing over that keyword. In other words, if there are hundreds of different advertisers, all battling over that keyword, you'll see the green bar filled up. This means that these different advertisers are all driving the price it costs to win that keyword higher and higher in the search results. You can actually see what people are paying if you turn on the Average CPC (cost-per-click) column.
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