Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society claimed my content to be theirs

by nrupen
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Hello Warriors,
Today when I checked my Youtube account I saw some "Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society" claimed ownership of music in my video and I got copyright notice. I don't know how can someone claim ownership of someone else video, I created it, I have my own voice in it, screen shots from my own computer and a signature of my website. My video does not have any music included in it nor it have any video nor I showed any image, the whole video moves around showing Mozilla Firefox and websites which I use to get backlinks.

I searched "Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society" on Google but nothing of importance turned up than it is claiming copyrights of other people's video. I have opened a dispute against it but I still want to know about this "Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society" and why they are claiming other people's video and music as theirs.
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    • Originally Posted by saad8125 View Post

      well that great man !! i liked that
      ermm... what?

      ontopic: my best guess is that someone is attempting to troll or annoy [as in competition annoying the **** out of you]

      I'd think about reallife enemies, nolife trolls or a confused owner of some intellectual property.
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    Are they hitting this manually or with an algorithm. I had heard a podcast a while back that indicated it was software that was triggering some of these to get pulled. The software was identifying certain patterns and matched them to licensed songs.

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    Its always better to tweak the videos and slideshows as well as change the music using a DJ mixing software..
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    From their facebook page:

    Our mission is to file copyright claims so that ads will be placed onto certain videos, and we will be able to make money off of them. We do not seek to have anyone's videos blocked in certain countries or disabled altogether, all we are trying to do is make a bit of money. That's not so bad, is it?
    Utterly ridiculous, and I'm amazed they can get away with this.
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