Google Adsense not working for my site - any other ideas?

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Hi everyone,

I put together a qualifications website 2 months ago after researching and finding a lucrative keyword using Market Samurai. I've been in third position in Google search for this keyword for a while, which I'm happy with for now, but I notice that Adsense is not really working for me. Some days I make a few dollars, some days nothing, so I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do? I've had an email sign up in exchange for a free PDF, but these qualifications cover so many different subjects, I don't think people are encouraged to sign up. I guess I've learnt that it's not just about finding lucrative keywords, it's about thinking ahead and ensuring people will find value in your site.

Any suggestions on how else I can monetize a website giving information on obtaining qualifications?


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    I guess it all depends on the amount of traffic that site is getting..I think with google adsense sites the most important thing is good traffic then content and ads placement after.

    Even if you are ranked 3rd in google search it does not mean that you'll get a lot of traffic or get good revenue from ads.

    Can you share the site with us?

    Best regards.
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      if your ads are not in high click areas then you will get a low click rate - also, if information is useful (at least useful enough for the person to skim read it, then you have higher chances of getting more clicks).

      Try changing the adsense colours, sizes, fonts, and locations, and test what brings highest clickthrough.

      Thats all i can say from the minimal information you provided.

      Good luck, hope you manage to increase your click thros and return on your investment.
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    Try and get the 1st position.
    That will get you 400% what you earn now!

    Here's a chart showing you what you can expect to make depending on your rank.
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      Jodie...the 1st position keyword gets about 40% of the clicks. But regardless, why not try adding a few other keywords. Then you may continue to earn if one keyword gets slapped by Google. Always good to have more than one keyword.

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    It depends on your niche and what types of offers are available. I am not a fan of adsense however, due to the fact you are sending people away from your site. I've built some in the past that I've sold, but that's not a long term business model. You need to be collecting and monetizing data
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