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I'm looking for tools to help people find niches. I need some that have affiliate programs and that have a good track record
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    I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a niche finding tool, as a niche is a small specialised segment of everything that exists. Unless you have a list of everything and some objective way of gauging what is profitable from that list there is not a singular niche finding tool.

    It's best to check on forums to see what people are talking about, read tech and lifestyle magazines as these will identify upcoming innovations and trends. These are good to target as most traditional niches are fairly saturated.
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    Originally Posted by Dave90210 View Post

    I'm looking for tools to help people find niches. I need some that have affiliate programs and that have a good track record
    Finding niches and quality products to promote is more of a learned skill. It's part of the research process. There are a number of ways to do this -- not just one. Heck, you can uncover niches by watching t.v. or reading the newspaper. It also has to do with what your actual interests are. The key is to find a niche that's profitable and one you like. When it comes to quality products, it's about doing research and having some personal experience with the products in your niche.

    Good luck,
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    I'm using Home | Quantcast
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    Think the main one is Market Samurai. Have heard great things, never used myself though.
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      I tend to keep things basic and use a bit of intuition and the Google Keywords Tool.
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        I use dummies.com. Those guys are absolutely brilliant when it comes to finding all the hottest niches.
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          To find niche ideas I use :

          -google insights
          -amazon best sellers or magazines
          -ebay pulse

          To research if the chosen niche is profitable or the level of competition,

          I use Market Samurai......and it has an affiliate program
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    Ehhhemmm...my fiverr gig Honestly though...fiverr is a good place to find people doing this type of thing. Pretty much all walks of IM reside on fiverr so you might not necessarily need to do it yourself...sometimes the $5 is easier to dish out than the headache of finding what works for you.

    My gig is kind of a first step in the niche process as I can find Exact Match Domain's with a lot of organic traffic already coming in. All you do then is write articles and rank

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    I have used Market Samurai, This is one of the most complete tools offering keyword research in the areas of market competition, pay-per-click advertising as well as search engine optimization.
    and now It also comes with other bonus tools for doing affiliate resources.
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    Market Samurai is great, but I use a process involving several of the areas mentioned above (Google Insights, Amazon Bestsellers, etc.) and it works pretty well for me.

    There doesn't seem to be a one-size-fits-all solution available at the moment. Seems to be a wide open opportunity for a WSO software offering, maybe.

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