Don't Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

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I've noticed that many internet marketers are not taking action because of the mistakes they fear they'll face.

Seriously, if you're that afraid of losing money, then you shouldn't even be in business. Go get a 9-5 job where you'll be guaranteed a check of $x,xxx every month.

Business isn't like a 9-5 job at all. It can either make you very wealthy or miserable. And it won't make you money stably -- you've seen the graphs. Obviously we're trying to stabilize our income, but it simply isn't completely possible in business. Business is risk.

The problem nowadays is people are trying to eliminate all risk possible. I completely agree that you should eliminate any severe risk, but eliminating absolutely all risk will also eliminate opportunities. Obviously it will also attract unwanted situations as well, which will result in loss and be considered 'mistakes;' but, every mistake is also a lesson. You'll experience that mistake sometime, whether it's in the start of your business or when it's already established. I would recommend you experience it hands on when you're starting off, because you don't want to be risking 6 figures in the future.

Just remember, every $100 mistake is a $1,000 lesson.

Get that quote into your head; stop thinking about all the negative situations that may occur, but rather think about success, and your achievements will be accomplished quicker. Do not be afraid to take action!

My personal recommendation is to have money separated as if you're going to the casino; you know you're going to lose it. That way, you aren't afraid to take action, because you already know you're not keeping any of the money. But, internet marketing isn't a casino. Chances are, the action you take will bring you success and you'll be able to repeat it over and over, scale it up and profit much larger!
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  • Originally Posted by Ben Gordon View Post

    Just remember, every $100 mistake is a $1,000 lesson.
    Very true Ben.
    A lot of people start internet marketing, make mistakes and then giveup because either they get scared, or they think it doesn't work.

    Making mistakes is the only way you learn. I wish I could drive home to people that if they just keep taking action, keep making mistakes and then learning from them and correcting them, they HAVE to eventually succeed.
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    Agreed. It's more important to learn from mistakes and grow in the process.
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      Just remember, every $100 mistake is a $1,000 lesson.
      Funny you should say that, I just made a $100 mistake on a ad online. When it wasn't converting I was mad and angry. I had a friend that told me my ad was on a website that on average male and 20yr old-30yrs old, and the product I was trying to sell had a demographic of male from 45-50. I literally wanted to smack myself, but since then I know better and have had better success.

      Would have never learned that If I hadn't made that mistake
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    I do not mind taking a calculated risk which I have tried in the past and ended up losing money. So, the fear may be of being taken advantage of. I took a risk when I gave a company $300 that promised me to get a job as security guard. I never got my job and no refund. Situations like this make me angry. As long as I am taken advantage like that, I can take some risks.

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    That's a great quote Ben. I've been thinking of starting a new online business that could easily succeed or fail completely, and cost a considerable amount of money in the process. You're certainly correct in saying that business is risk.
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    Originally Posted by PAH Tim View Post

    That's a great quote Ben. I've been thinking of starting a new online business that could easily succeed or fail completely, and cost a considerable amount of money in the process. You're certainly correct in saying that business is risk.
    Thanks for the comment. Good luck with your future business and I hope you take this knowledge into account as hence it will improve your income and confidence. I would highly recommend you lay off money that you are 'supposedly going to lose'. This way you're not risking your 'actual' money and it will increase your chance of taking risks which could possibly lead you to finding a goldmine.
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    Great tip Ben,

    You're right though. People need to start adopting the spend money to make money attitude.

    People don't relise how much easier somethings are if you just throw some funding in the equation.

    Lets take list building for example. My last solo ad cost me $250 and it was for 1000 clicks. From it I got 341 subscribers on my list and going by the general rule of thumb - being each subscriber is worth a dollor a month - I should make money money back + profit in as little as a month.

    While if I had gone the free way it might have taken longer. However I still do use some free list building methods. My favourite being when somebody reputable has a launch coming up. i'll offer to right the sales copy for them if they put a link to one of my squeeze pages on the download page.
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    That's an excellent reminder. I have been spending too much time learning and not enough (read: not at all) time doing.
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    I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
    -Michael Jordan
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    Hey ben,

    Really a great stuff brother! Thanks for writing this

    It will be really very helpful to many of us

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    If you try something, you might fail at it. If you don't try it, you have already failed at it.
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    so true..sometimes going back to becoming child helps as we do things unworried of the consequences and results , else we fear failure so much we stand still.. nice post buddy,
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