Bloggers, you are loosing subscribers

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Hi Bloggers

Today I went intentionally looking to sign up for a ton of mailing list from IMer's. What I found is that many bloggers are missing out on subscribers.

I went to Google and entered "Internet Marketing Blog". Within the first 20 results, only about 12 had easy to find opt - in forms. Where I would look naturally - in the header and on the right. Just human nature I guess

So, if you are a blogger, I just wanted to share a little case study with you. I want to encourage you to check out your blogs and make sure your opt-in forms are easy to find!
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    A good tip there, many people seem to forget to look at their product from the eyes of their customers...

    I've noticed a lot of new blog posts coming out are from very generic blog themes, why not spend the few minutes to make it look a little more than another backlink.
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    I always wondered this as well with not only blogs, but sites in general that make opting in the hardest thing to find. That should be one of the easiest things to spot and find on a site. It can be in a small corner and highlighted in a different colored box in contrast to the rest of the site. That can make it easier to spot.
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    I guess i give my visitors a hassle then lol... i have my subscribe box on the left of the page, all the way at the bottom of everything... even below the "About Me" section of my blog. Doesn't bother me too much tho... i directly drive visitors to my blog and get them to sign up for my free ebook, so i'm not missing much.
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    ASK | any free subscribe service here?? something like aweber but free cost?

    Social Media is a place for social activity, money is just an effect ;)
    Add me please >>
    Thank you :)

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    ONLY ONE O in the verb LOSE. ONE.
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      ummm... typo? Thanks for being awesome and pointing that out.
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