Looking For Automated Website Creator -- Any Ideas?

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Let's say I have 5-10 articles and want to create a small website on autopilot (perhaps just a 1 page website)... what is the best software to do that with?

I'm basically looking for something where I can just plug in my articles and it poops out a ready to go website. I'm looking for something that has different templates so every site doesn't look the same as the last.

I realize no website creator is 100% instant -- titles, descriptions, menus, etc. -- but I'm looking for something that handles all the little details that comes with creating a basic html website.

Any ideas on where to look or suggestions for software to use?

The idea is to create my own mini-net of sites that point to the "mothership" site. I'd like to do this with all my "motherships" so that each one has it's own unique mini-net -- no footprints, unique content, unique c-class IP, and no link wheels. Each mini-net will then get its own massive blast of links to it; articles, blogs, profiles, social links, etc etc etc.

Okay then, any helps or advice on the matter would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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