How Many Websites Do You Own?

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I have a bit of a theory. To make money online, you need more than one web property.

How many do you have?
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    I'll start. I own one, about to own two
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    Lost count!
    Always looking to invest in or partner with people on business ideas. PM me!
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      9, 19, 23
      lol the longer you work on here the more you get.
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        Originally Posted by Claire Koch View Post

        9, 19, 23
        lol the longer you work on here the more you get.
        23, 33, 37,

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    Originally Posted by Andrei Rotariu View Post

    I have a bit of a theory. To make money online, you need more than one web property.

    How many do you have?
    You can have 1 website, which brings you 100 visitors a day, and 2 sales a day

    or you can have a total of 30 websites, which bring you 5 visitors a day in total, and 0 sales.

    Which case is more successful ?

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      Originally Posted by Matt Morgan View Post

      You can have 1 website, which brings you 100 visitors a day, and 2 sales a day

      or you can have a total of 30 websites, which bring you 5 visitors a day in total, and 0 sales.

      Which case is more successful ?

      Thumbs up to Matt. It's totally true. In some ways it doesn't matter how many websites do you own. What matters is the traffic and conversion, and these two are the most important in IM.
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    This is a complex question. I have 32 sites currently registered (that number has been as high as 83) but only 8 of them are consistent earners. So the real question is not how many but how many are actively earning profit.

    The number of websites needed to make money only depends on the model you follow. If you're building mini niche sites, then of course you'll need dozens of pages. If you're building authority sites, one or two will do just fine.


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    I own 86 websites that are consitent earners, about 130 that only earn a little and 898 in my blog network :/

    The thing is it's not worth creating lots of websites unless you have a strartegy in place that works, when I first started I had nearly 20 sites and still was only making £40-£50 a day.

    I know people throw the saying around alot but it's all about rinse and repeat
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    Three. One for personal blog, one for business blog, one for offline marketing website.
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      I have about 35 sites registered.
      5 that are active.
      3 that are actively promoted.
      1 that makes money.
      Pretty much the results I expect considering I work on the sites part-time.
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        4 currently, all active.. income abt 4 figures/mth

        hoping to have 10 active sites making 5 figures /mth.. oh with diminishing returns.. we'll see.. maybe i need 20 sites? lol! but i'm targetting sites with higher returns/higher cpc, etc..
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    I have 200+ but I can't remember most of the domain names. You don't need a lot of sites to make good money, I am kind of out of control when I see valuable domain names, so I pick them up even I don't have any content for them
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    I only have 2, easier to manage

    But will get a few more smaller ones quite soon!
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    I have about 500 websites in total. However, 300 of those websites are part of my autoblog series and only make an average of $2.50 per day. I have a few authority websites that make me a few hundred a day, many clickbank websites and a few other blogs.
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      Ben Gordon, Do you build sites for people? Iam looking for someone to build me Niche websites, I am not able to send you a PM, can you please respond back to me at thank you very much!
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        I own 8 domains. some are on page one making me some adsense income.
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    own about 10 - 15 can't recall all of them right now!
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    only a paid subscriber list established by reputation and being a nice guy
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  • The biggest mistake newbies seem to make is buying too many domains. They
    think of a "great domain" and run off and buy it along with others that are similar.
    Then they sit on the domain and do nothing with it.

    I have done this myself and then when the domain comes up for renewal a year
    or two later I don't even remember that I owned it. Those $10/year charges
    for domains you are not using can really add up especially when you have
    500 plus domains.

    It's not how many sites you have but the number that actually make you money
    after all your expenses.

    Jeff Dedrick
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    that you buy:

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    I have 4 but I plan to get more shortly.
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    I lost track. It would be more interesting to know how many sites people have via in what category of IM they make their money. For example, Amazon Associates IMers will probably have way more sites than people making authority sites and product creation.


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    correct me if I'm mistaken, but isnt it more about quality not quantity
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    I have way too many but most of them make more than they cost per year so it makes sense to keep them.
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    About 50 websites, give or take, a few that are sitting and some that I let go when I see that they are not as productive as I would like them to be, used to be that you could make a few bucks a month on each domain and it would pay for itself over time, now you have to be a little more up to date on that issue, with the cost creeping up.
    Software Development | Applications | OSX | iOS | Android | Cloud Software Engineering |
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    about 6 or 7 sites, with 1 personal blog and 1 getting sandboxed
    though if it still earning at least $11/year than its still profit :p
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    I have around:

    37 active sites
    22 of which make profit (2 of these are authority sites)
    Another 64 domains that i have yet to build on. I consider myself a compulsive domain buyer!

    Out of my 22 sites seeing profit, my 2 authority sites alone bring in roughly 40% of my earnings. But if i lost them both due to some update/penalty then id still be ok.

    My personal business model is diversity and spreading risk. Most of the niche sites that i have can easily be developed into authority if i ever need another one. But that requires *effort on my part.
    There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs
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    I have three websites. I think many sites are difficult to control.
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    let's see, I think that I have 13 websites that make me consistent money (if I'm remembering them all), and another 10 in development that make me inconsistent money (just a few bucks a month most of the time), plus a host of dot info domain that I use for redirects and tracking. But if I were to answer the question, how many websites are in my portfolio, it would be 13.
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      Originally Posted by kidblog View Post

      I own 3.

      1) Make Money Online Help
      2) Video Game Website
      3) Forums (Don't manage this anymore really)...

      In my opinion more is not better because once you have to omany it is much harder to manage and take care off.
      I agree with you majority of the way through except for one point: If most of the sites are either sites that aren't necessarily meant to update frequently, or are blog sites that once set up, require only couple of posts a week to keep them updated, then it's not too hard to manage... unless the amount of sites is massive that is. But yeah, I agree with you that it can be harder to manage, especially if there's frequent update requirements from majority of the sites owned.
      -- Absorbing & implementing. Need hip hop beats for your business needs? Hit me up!
      -- Posting my experiences and so forth with my own blog.
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    BUT I am letting some domains go and haven't touched about 80% of them in a year or more.

    I am trying to focus on less now.

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    I own three domains.
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    Well just got done selling one site so now down to 5 domains. Currently have 1 that I'm actively maintaining.

    That reminds me, maybe I should start looking into building an email list. Just like an off line business, if you have a client base its easier to get the word out on any new services rather than starting from scratch.
    No more...
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    I'm cracking up at Ben's comment about having 300 websites that "only make him $2.50 a day"... 2.50 x 300 = 750 a day x 7 = 5250 a week x 52 weeks = 273000 a year just on ONLY those 300 sites. LOL!! Nice work Ben!

    I have 2 merchant sites (one I sell over 450 instrumentals on, and another that I sell over 500 different instrument sounds on), and then an ebook site. I also recently got a domain to start up a multi-blog type site in my niche (this will let me use both Adsense on some pages, and affiliate review pages to sell on another page), and another to do another topic blog.

    I plan for sure on buying another domain for another ebook I already wrote up. So I guess in total so far, 5 ready to be 6, though I have some other thoughts in mind so that number may grow a bit more. The 2 merchant sites don't cost me much of anything to run so most of what I make from those are profit. The other sites I have to focus on a bit more.

    I know, 5 or 6 is measly compared to some of the big dogs in here running 500+ sites making them $4.00 each. LOL! But yeah, very interesting read in here and seeing some of the thoughts and plans you guys have as to why you have so many sites. It encourages me and motivates me. I don't need tons of money, I just wanna start off making $300 a day every single day at least! Lol
    -- Absorbing & implementing. Need hip hop beats for your business needs? Hit me up!
    -- Posting my experiences and so forth with my own blog.
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    I have 5 money sites and like 20 sites for networks.
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    I have 60+ niche sites.
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    Wow how do you manage 200 sites?...
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    He is a lesson I learned years ago when it comes to owning websites... Never become so attached to a website. If you can make money selling the site, I will take 6 or more times the revenue on any website and start on a new one.

    If you build them properly, you can get ranked in 30 days or so and with the money you made from the site(s) you sold, you can invest in more sites.

    Too often we hold onto to an object or stock for example, only to see value come tumbling down.

    Personally, I held on to sports collectibles, jewelry, antiques and the bottom came way down.

    I'm sure many will disagree with me and say they will hold onto their sites no matter what but not me.

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    Being a newbie, I make this mistake of owning too many domains too fast. Well I'm talking to myself, really. My mind is flooded with so many ideas / niches I want to do when I should be focusing in consistently building and generating traffic one site first, make it successful then move on to the next. Or stick to it for at least 1 month giving my best effort. Once successful, duplicate the same process over and over for the other sites. Really, I should stick to the plan!
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    I would at least start off with one site, and make money from it. Before jumping to another site, i would make site #1 profitable at around $100/month... then go on to another site, and turn it into a $100/month site also. After that, it's like building new franchises all over the country making you money.
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    I have 38 websites but only 6 of them are making good money. Having more properties is not always good, since it's a serious pain to test & track all of them.

    In my own opinion it's better to have 1-10 websites making real money.
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      Originally Posted by Mike Hersh View Post

      I have 38 websites but only 6 of them are making good money. Having more properties is not always good, since it's a serious pain to test & track all of them.

      In my own opinion it's better to have 1-10 websites making real money.
      Great perspective, Mike.

      Something that many fail to understand.

      You are better off having only one site that has a great offer, great copy and converts well.

      The next key is that you need targeted traffic... and frankly, once you get above 3 to 4 sites, it becomes a nightmare trying to optimize each site.

      Unless of course the sites are all related to one niche... which is another story.

      I'd rather have multiple - related products that i can cross promote than multiple websites.

      Just saying...

      I'd be curious though for people with a huge amount of sites to share if they make money or not... and how effectively they promote them.

      I suspect that many buy into the false economy of the whole auto-pilot income theory. In other words, throwing up lots of sites hoping to rank and make some money with affiliate products.

      Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
      You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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    I consider myself a newbie even though I have been at this for about 2 years now. I own about 6 sites but only one makes me a little bit of money. I am torn between the - "I should get these sites making better money first" idea and the idea of "I need some new and better sites in better niches with better keywords".
    I guess I am leaning toward building some new ones but I want to stick to my plan.
    I also have about ten Suidoo lens.
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      I own about 50 sites. A few are for traditional businesses that I don't consider a part of my IM income (record label, clothing line).

      Of the IM type sites I own, I have an amazon affiliate site that brings in $300 /mo, an adsense authority site that brings in $300 /mo, and then about 25 MFA/macro niche type sites that bring in anywhere from $1-$50 /mo.

      Honestly, the MFA sites are the quickest growing portion of my business but I understand that the associated adsense account is the most prone to being shut down and factor that in.

      So every month I am trying to build some MFA sites, some affiliate sites... and eventually I hope to market some kind of a clickbank product and create a list just to see if I can.

      For me, the key is diversifying what you do so no one change can take your business down. That said, MFA sites rely extremely heavily on organic search traffic and I understand that is a terrible way to be.
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    I had about 5 e-commerce sites - just sold two of them as I believe they were distracting me from my main money making site , I also have a few blogs as well - my motto for this year is more focus on less sites

    Like most things in life - they follow the 80/20 rule - meaning if you have 100 websites you will find 80% of your income comes from 20% of your that's the ones I am focusing on this year

    I probably own about 40-50 domain names too - some I plan to sell some I plan to develop into sites at some point
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    Just 3 main "traditional business" sites that sell my own physical products, plus a couple of personal interest ones, the rest help a bit with seo, and I just use them for experimental stuff, learning and tinkering with with code and the like. A total 15 "live" ones.

    These days though, what do you count as a web site? Its getting a bit blurry with youtube channels and social media pages.
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    Started in December 2011 and now have 7 sites on the go (I am a bit of an obsessive)

    I now have the following in my hosts file to help me focus:
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    Interesting that people have so many sites but only make 300 per month... from each.. I guess it's better than nothing... but my ideology is 10 sites making 50 perday minimum...product people need want and desire... abs, arts, weight loss, love, affiliates, fitness weights,music etc... how about a site catering to teaching a skill like photography or cooking...
    any way if you can pull it off thats 168k per year.
    not bad.
    B Well

    We were born to be free, Warriors, We All We Got!

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      I had 4 niche sites, now have 2 after discarding the others and about to start my 3rd.

      I'd heard from many people on here that as an Amazon affiliate you need to have a ton of sites to make a full time income but from my own experience so far that definitely isn't true. I don't really want any more than about 10 niche sites at most.

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    2 sites. one blog site and one sales site and i make money with them
    Increase Your Sales By 46.15% And Skyrocket Your Conversions In The Next 48 Hours... Proof, live case study and free report all in this video.
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    Domain names are like tattoos... you can't just get one!

    Seriously though, 50+ sites. How many websites you own doesn't make any difference in your income. You could make a fortune from just a tumblr blog or even a simple youtube account.

    You could have 1 website making thousands.

    The reason I have so many domains is because various projects require a set of domains.
    For instance, if you have a marketing product, you'll have:

    - General marketing website
    - Affiliate website
    - Salespage website

    That's 3 websites for one simple project. What if you're doing really well in the market and you start buying marketing blogs? Well, you buy 3-4 blogs, and you're up to to 7 websites for a single project.

    If you do 1 project per year, after doing this for 5 years, you'll have 35 websites!

    It adds up quickly.

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      I own eight domains 4 active.
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    I work as a web designer and have only recently started to build niche sites....Started learning a lot about what markets/niches sell. I started out using the Google Sniper business model and a few of my sites have been getting some good traffic (75 hits per day), although not great sales. Most of the sites needed more SEO work than the Sniper system, but it was a good place for me to start understanding traffic generation techniques.

    I have probably 25-30 domains. I have two business website for my design work and hosting.

    Then I have 13 niche sites that I am working on. I see more potential in only a few of them, so those are the ones that I focus my energy on.
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    Originally Posted by Andrei Rotariu View Post

    I have a bit of a theory. To make money online, you need more than one web property.

    How many do you have?
    That is not true...

    I make money online, have maybe 100 or 200 web sites.

    But I make most of the money without my web sites...
    Actually I have not checked in months whether they make any money or not.
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      I think a mistake a lot of people make is focusing too much on 1 or 2 keywords for there website. They either get as high as they think they can go with those keywords then move on to building another site.

      Why not spend all the time and effort it takes to build that other site on getting better rankings for the other 20 or so profitable keywords in your niche. Or try improving the traffic and conversions on your already profitable pages?

      What you'll find is that eventually, even though you might have 30 websites, the majority of your money will come from about 5 or 6 pages on those websites.

      I'm about to start my 3rd Amazon website but am only doing so because I'm happy with the content on my other 2 sites and have completely outsourced the backlinking for both of them. I have about 25 keywords that I target on each of those sites and check their rankings once a week to make sure they're increasing.

      So next time you're about to start creating another site... first ask yourself if there's anything you can do to squeeze more profit out of the sites you already have with less time and effort than it takes to create a new one.

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    Many, but trying to cut the # down. At this point in the game, I'd rather have fewer big money makers than a ton of lower end stuff.
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  • Profile picture of the author marcelomusza
    For the moment I own only 1 domain, the one in my signature. My theory is exploting the most we can one domain only, investing all our time bringing traffic to it. Once it is "Working on its own", only there is time to create another source of income. If you administer one domain you will have more time to make it work correctly. It does the job pretty well for me.
    Internet Marketing Resources for Online Entrepreneurs
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    I have 636 sites including blogs,websites,sub domains...........and a few parked domains if your serious about you business you would have all your sites on a few spread sheets.

    and like Genycis mentioned above the math says it all- i try to add 20 sites or more every month I look for the specials from 1&1 and host gator and go-daddy I recently bought 30 domains for $30 when 1 &1 had that 99cent special Per domain!!!
    and to top it off host gator has unlimited blogs for the same price to go with my domains.

    Things I do with my websites are:

    1) I use some of my sites to give away free downloads in return i get paid from .60cents to a dollar per per download

    I don't want to give away all my secrets but here is one freebie i'll share with the group there are mass programs you can do this with.

    I make my own software and I also share freebies i find on the net and put them on my sites to download........and its all free!!! but in the background i get paid for it

    I also rent ad space on my high ranking sites that generate around 80,000 hits a month.....people offer me anywhere from $200 to $350 just to put their ad banners and other affiliate links somewhere within my site......can you say residual income!

    Anyway I could make a whole list of all the residual income I make with all these sites

    But that's all in my next project coming up in the future
    Thank you WSO and clickbank I made so far in this year a total of $53,000

    Love you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also A big thanks to Mr.Kern...............two minds are better than one!
    If you build it they will come! The LSI Specialist
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  • Profile picture of the author wiseme11
    Owning a websites is obviously important if you want to make money online. Website is the access point to the prospect. Content is an important issue because that is how to draw your traffic and eventually close the sales. It will be waste of time to have wrong product with wrong content on the web. The more quality website you own, the more money you will make but it has to come with good generating of traffic.
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    Over 100. I rotate through working on them.
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      I own 7 sites, I make money with 2 of those.

      Many people (myself included) get caught up in the results by volume approach but I would suggest like a few others mentioned above, Place all your focus on one site only and get the income up before you move on to another.

      I had 7 sites in varying degrees of completion and making a sale here and there.

      It was only when I placed ALL my attention on one site that I started making any real money online..

      Now you can use that income stream to build your other web properties even faster (outsourcing content creation and backlinking, etc)
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  • Profile picture of the author StunningWarrior
    Is webSITE the correct measure, or is webPAGE better? I have some sites with thousands of pages and other sites with less than ten pages. I could split the former into lots of minisites and get more websites but I prefer to leave them as they are.
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    I currently have 6 sites that I actively work on. I had been only working on one site at a time until it was complete before I would move on to the next, but this time I thought I would try two at once. Don't think I will do that again. I sort of like being able to focus on one thing at a time I guess. Doesn't seem to be saving as much time as I thought it would either.
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