Just started a new blog - any tips?

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hello warriors,

I just started a new blog.
I already added two articles.
I will try to add one quality article per week.
Will I see SEO traffic anytime soon?
Any tips to make it successful?
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    Consistency. Worst thing is to start a blog, then forget about it. I hate coming upon a great sounding blog only to get there and see nothing has been posted for 6 months.

    From my view, it doesn't have to be daily. Just decide how often to post and stick with it. The easy part is now. The harder part is 6 months from now when you are busy with other stuff.

    Hope this helps,

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    That is my key advice for you! A lot of people will put lots of effort into a blog and then lose the drive and passion to keep the blog going. Over time you will gain more and more traffic from your blog posts. By this I'm talking months so don't expect amazing results in the first few months, just keep at it and one day It will all pay off!
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    Make sure you keep adding new, unique content.

    Go to twitter and facebook, build up a following and notify them whenever you have a new post.

    SEO traffic from search engines may take some time if you're in a competitive niche, but building some good quality backlinks will help if you go after easy keywords.
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    constant, unique articles, some backlinks, promote via facebook or twitter,
    promote your own product, affiliate, or some CPA offer
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    congrats on your new blog.
    you need to bring quality content to keep interest and stick with it
    Good Luck
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    I assume you have done some keyword research while writing your blog posts. If not, that is the way to go. Pick few long tail keywords in your niche with low competition and write interesting posts based on those keywords.

    It is a good idea to do some initial promotion for your blog like:
    - Submitting your blog's rss feed to various RSS aggregators,
    - Social bookmarking using ping.fm or onlywire, etc.
    - Press Release

    Visit other blogs in your niche and comment on posts which you find interesting. Also try social media like twitter and facebook, interacting with people in your niche.

    How about adding some multimedia content like a video? Google loves video and visitor interaction elements, so it is worth a try!
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    Unique content is KING! Having unique content however is not the only thing you want to reach for, content worth reading will also go a long way. Try and find a way to relate to your followers, what are there concerns, what questions do they have, and who are they? Social media is your best friend, use it!

    Dont get discouraged if it takes a while for you build up steam with your blog, keep at it! I agree with the above posters that if you start a blog, follow through and have a plan for making posts as time goes on. Its very easy to start a blog, keeping it going is where it gets tough!
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    Maybe you should increase your articles per week. I know it's difficult but 1 article per week it's too little for a new blog. Try to make 2 or 3 (better) per week and it will be fine. Also, schedule your blog posts so you don't risk to forget to publish your article.
    Provide your posts with images, video and fast tips (don't write always the same type of article, there are many types of content that you can use...).

    Also, split test different types of post title (more aggressive or more informative) to see which one get the most attention.

    Read a lot about getting traffic for your blog and keep posting. ;-)
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    Hi guy! If you want to get traffic from your blog, you should do the following steps:
    - Keep your blog count to a maximum of 10, unless you have a lot of time or money to invest
    - Update your blogs frequently
    - Create your own unique content-
    - Invest the same a mount of time into each blog that own-
    - Give your self at lease one day out of the week to just fully work on your blogs and marketing
    - Keep your blog interesting and stick with topic that you are knowledgeable with
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    Build some keyword rich quality content in your blog.Keep updating it day to day.Keep adding new and interesting information in your blog.Build some back links.Use social media like Facebook or twitter to promote it.
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    Hi I would post regularly I personally post about every other day and although my blog is only a few months old I have about 58 I.M. training posts and get about 70 to 110 visitors a day and I have done no SEO at all so it does take a little time to build up a following,I would then start to advertise your work on fiverr and giveaway an ebook or software whilst collecting emails.
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    As Mark and others have said, quality and unique content is king. To have your blog SEO (search engine optimized), you will want to be consistently posting-at least once a week.

    SEO is difficult. There are dozens of people competing with you for any keyword combination worth having. So, go for the lesser used combinations. But, not too rarely used. For instance, I now rank #1 in "earn more." on Bing and Yahoo. Not a really big deal, as people don't use it. On the other hand, don't even try to rank high for home based business. So, find a keywordcombination (there are ways to look for keyword combinations, explained in other threads on this forum) and go for it. Make sure your work is error free, grammatically--or you will rank behind your competitor who does. SEO is a long, drawn out process. Be happy with slow, consistent improvement, and you will achieve your goals.

    The other way to publicize your blog is through social networks. Getting active in 3 or 4 networks will bring visitors directly and get your blog links, which will help you rank higher in the search engines.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    1 article per week? I'm sorry dude that's not going to cut it. You need to be posting at least 1 per day. If you're not a good writer, stick with writing a 300 word blog post, then when you've felt like you're proficient at it... increase your word count to 400 or 500 words. Focus quality, and then the delivery of your sales pitch.
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    I would recommend checking out this thread:


    It outlines when and what you should do for SEO.
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      I have been blogging around a year and i found it that there is no point for you to come up with something that does not exactly sounds constructive and helpful to the readers.Many people including me have the tendency to write for the sake of writing and i find it pointless to do that.Rather i would spend some time reading and share things that i find it interesting and helpful to the readers.Consistency is still a must but don't have to be everyday.Just don't leave your blog look dead and dull.
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