I've lost my day job. I have the time but no income.

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Hello Warriors

I am just one guy who found this great community nearly 2 years ago. I have struggled to commit myself to IM because of my day job. Now everything changed. I've lost my job and I am not sure about my future. I have the time I always wanted but I don't have any income. I am newbie, but I have little idea about IM.
I think it is hard for newbie to absorb all the information here on this forum. Then not all information here is suitable for newbie's. Not all information has the value which will really make the brake to success. So, how to filter and choose the information I need to really have some success? Which course to get and to follow to experience success?

It would be great to find someone who could point me to the right direction. Only very few newbie's find a mentor, a coach.
Now I have the time so I need to follow some good course to succeed.
Any help is appreciated.

Thank you Warriors and have very successful years ahead.

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  • My advice would be to first select a business model. I.e SEO, Pay Per Click, Email marketing etc.
    The find a really good course on this model which will teach you what to do.
    Then commit to taking action and applying what you have learnt. Don't jump around from one idea to another. Just stay laser focused on that one business model.
    If you do this you will find you start making a small amount of money a day, but it will continue to grow into a full time business.
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      Hi Patrick
      The best place to start is to look at what your skill base is first. Put down on paper what you are good at (not just IM skills but things you have learned through your job and life experiences) Remember if you know a subject it is much easier to create a product from this.
      See if you can transpose any of these skills into some kind of product be it an PDF e book or videos.
      Don't try to learn everything at once you will just get bogged down with information overload.
      Set yourself a plan and stick to it dont jump from the next shiny thing to the next.
      In your plan you can then layout what skills you need to learn to achieve your goal, only learn these skills
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    first I would pick one thing you want to do online. lets focus on geting traffic from google to get free traffic. first you need a website, focus the website on one of these.
    • amazon affiliate
    • clickbank
    • adsense
    • CPA

    next you want to pick a niche, this bit can take a long time. what you want is to focus on a keyword that doesn't have much competition but gets loads of searches. a great way to do this is to target products that will launch soon. buy some good SEO packages or buy tools to do it yourself.

    it really can be that simple.

    or you could go down the offline route and build simple wordpress websites for people and then upsell seo, facebook pages, twitter etc..

    I suggest you buy the google sniper 2.0 course, its only $1!!
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    Hey Patrick

    Start off small and grow big. Try selling items on Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More Online Shopping | eBay or trying our your skills on Fiverr - Hire people to do things for $5 to get initial cash coming in. I made $3200 on fiverr last year.

    Theres no real quick autopilot way to make money. To be able to autopilot your money, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort and I'm talking months. Another good way is writing a report or eBook and selling it as a WSO.

    My rule with internet marketing when your small is invest $10 in yourself from your personal money / bank. Then grow that $10 into a business.

    I started with £10 (Im from the UK) and grew that into £100 and expanding and expanding, so the reality is, If I do gamble the money on a project that doesn't work and I lose a lot of money - I've not lost money from my personal bank - its money that I earnt from the same IM business that gained it for me. So It doesn't feel like as much of a loss.

    Try other things like

    - Adsense sites
    - Product Review
    - Yahoo Answers Marketing
    - Offering services on WF Warriors for hire
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    Sorry to hear about your job loss Patrick but your life could change forever now. You can now focus and take action on a business model you enjoy, for example, if you want to offer SEO services. My advice is go into advanced search in here, type in SEO as the keyword and go through the valuable threads on SEO or topic of your choice. Take notes and learn everyday. Set aside learning and actually 'doing' time each day. Buy some quality WSO's on the subject.

    The secret here is to embrace the time you have, focus and take action. You can succeed!
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    I thing you should start out with a michro niche site,that is little investment and you can see success quick.Do your research first!
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      Originally Posted by traficmaster View Post

      I thing you should start out with a michro niche site,that is little investment and you can see success quick.Do your research first!
      I hope you mean SEVERAL micro niche sites, because replacing a full time income with one mini site would be impossible.
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    find one thing you are good at and focus on that.You will find a lot of help on the forum.
    Don't get caught up in it though.once you find something take action!
    Good Luck
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    you have so many ways to make money : amazon, clickbank, adsense, cpa, create own product, etc.
    focus at one ways that you enjoyed.
    like me i focus at as affiliate amazon
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    Sorry to hear about your job loss.

    This forum is full of good information. But as a newbie, it may be a bit overwhelming to absorb all the information. First, you have to decide on what method you want to follow. IMO, affiliate marketing is the easiest to get started.

    You may want to check out 'Proven Income Method' by Jan Roos or 'Unstoppable Affiliate' by Andrew Hansen. These 2 are great courses on affiliate marketing.

    Hope this helps.
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    Here's a good starting formula:

    #1 Pick a subject matter you like or know something about
    #2 Build an email list of subscribers in that subject
    #3 Provide solutions for problems in that subject

    So begin educating yourself about how to build an email list. Search for related threads on this forum. Maybe buy a wso on the subject.
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    Do you have any money saved?

    As stated above, the fastest way to generate some income would be fiverr or a WSO, but ultimately you will need to invest both time and money to build up some leverage so you can grow your business.
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    Pick ONE business model you like.

    Don't chop and change. Just choose one and stick with it.

    Build your email list. And never give up. Give it time and this WILL work out for you.
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    If you don't have money saved to sustain yourself for a year or so, you should probably get a "regular" job and do IM part time. If you are a newbie to IM and are relying on this to be your bread and butter, you are going to put yourself in a desperate state of trying to make money now to support yourself and will probably be hopping from one GRQ offer to the next.
    My advice would be to learn the basics of IM first, then work out a business plan and execute it.
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      Hello Warriors

      Thank you very much for your suggestions and for your support. I would first try to make money as an Affiliate. Amazon, CB, CPA. Maybe I could try offline marketing, but what could I offer to customers in this area? That is why I need something to follow to learn.

      Make some mini sites. I have a lot to learn as I don’t know all the technicalities to make successful websites. I have webhosting. I would probably make a decent website if I can follow some instructions. I don’t know much about SEO, someone would have to do it for me.

      I know some useful tools are needed to succeed. Some of them are bit pricy for me right now. There are useful tricks, websites, tools, places, which would help me. But I don’t know them, any help in this area? Outsourcing? No idea where to look.

      I have some savings to keep me going for little while. I could invest a bit to get me started. The longer I will be without income the harder it will get.
      Any specific course or Warrior I should follow to get me started?

      I really appreciate your help

      Thank you.

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    When you lose a job a good thing to do is start selling your old junk on ebay to bring in some money. Unemployment does not bring in much green. Get a digital camera. Heck you probably already have one. Then writes descriptions and take pics. High qual pictures sell more. Also, you will soon learn how to optimize your page. That will give you SELLING experience. Which, is very important in IM or in any area.

    OK once you clear out some clutter and have some money. Go time flea markets, yard sales and garages. Check out the old junk that they are selling you. I found one flea market selling old VHS tapes for a quarter each even.

    That is a good item to sell on a web page. People will pay top dollar for items that are very rare. Like you have a lot of time now. Also, you can talk to other people at the flea market and socialize some. Key is to buy items that are rare.
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    Split your time among 2 different areas....

    1) Focusing on cash flow today - offline marketing/ebay/craigslist
    2) Focusing on future cash flow streams - affiliate marketing

    I would add that you should spend most of your time on #1 and don't spend a lot of time on #2 until you have some regular cash flows coming in now. Look into selling your extra stuff on ebay....Or, look into some arbitrage where you buy low on craigslist and sell high on ebay. Furthermore, look into the 5 star threads on the offline marketing forum for some great starting points.

    There's plenty of resources on here to help get you going....Good luck!

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    I'm so sorry that your in such a tough situation...
    When I got fired from my job and was penniless, I used Fiverr to make some startup cash and invest in other things that eventually made me a really good income. I know it might seem like a 20 foot hole and you don't have a ladder to climb out, but you will make it through. You just need to stay strong!
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    First select any one business strategy which you prefer. Build some sites having quality content and keywords that will attract more traffic.Learn few on page and off page SEO techniques or tools,as you can offer SEO services to users.You can learn all this free of cost on Google.
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    Hi Patrick, Sorry to hear you lost your day job. My advice like some who have already mentioned and something that i failed to do when I started out is stick to one thing. There are so many areas in internet marketing, you don't need to know them all or be good at every area. Just focusing on one is enough.

    There are only 3 ways of making money online and everything will almost fall into these categories or both in one form or another:

    1. Make your own digital information/physical product
    2. Become an affiliate (sell other peoples products/service)
    3. Joint Venture (Team up with someone who has a product to take to market) you become the middle person *this ones my favorite :-)

    Start by looking at things your good at and how you can put this into a short report, full info product etc if you decide to take route 1.

    If you take route 2. You can be an affiliate over at clickbank.com they have a vast amount of products you can promote. You can set up niche sites with amazon physical products. You could promote CPA (cost per action) offer and the list goes on and on....

    If you take route 3. Go join with jvnotifypro.com (forum just like this one), here a lot of joint ventures are made and will give you a better understanding of how it all works and allow you to mingle with people launching some major Clickbank products. There are many other places I could mention but those will be a good starting point.

    Last piece of advice with someone who has a lot of time on their hands..... don't just keep researching and reading. Once you've decided the area you going for RUN WITH IT and most importantly TAKE ACTION

    Best of Luck,
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    What you need is a gameplan and one of the best ways I know of for those who are starting out and want a direction to go is to use Ed Dale's 30 day challenge. You'll get solid training for free that if utilized will put you on the right path to start making money online.

    Good luck!
    "Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!" Mike Dooley
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    Lucky basturk.
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    You should look into selling on Ebay. If you don't mind driving back and forth to the post office, this can be a money maker for you. I used to be an ebay powerseller and top rated seller - before i created the website i have now. So i have some tips on how to make Ebay work for you if you're interested.
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      In my experience, there are 4 real ways of making money online.

      1. PPC affiliate sites
      2. Mailing list affiliate sites
      3. Review blogs to sell digital products (clickbank)
      4. Make review blogs to sell physical products. (Amazon)

      Based on your level of experience, 4. is the realistic option as so you won't get drowned. It is straightforward and sets you up for the long run.

      My best advice is to Outsource. Outsource and Outcource! Chances are you are not a coder, designer and marketer in one so outlay a small amount to people that can do these jobs at the click of their fingers.

      To your success from down under!

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    Check out Quick Click Commissions. Simple, quick and effective!

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    Dear Patrick99,

    I've been out of steady work here in Toledo, Ohio for over seven years now so I feel your pain. One thing I have found very helpful is to make IM contextual, second nature, to as many situations as possible.

    For example, on my inventory of current skills that many have already suggested writing, I would list that I have been freelancing as a Virtual Realty Consultant (Web Designer/Developer) for fifteen years now. Since many on my clients are Authors and want a site to advertise their books, I use my Amazon affiliate links on their sites to both help keep my prices down for them and to bring in a little side money for myself.

    It does not require any additional work on my part and benefits from customer pull over advertising push.

    Cory Buford
    Virtual Realty Consultant
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    Well, it looks like you've received a ton of different suggestions with different paths that you can take.

    Just please make sure that when you've chosen one of them, stick to it.
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    I think product creation is the best avenue, you can progress very quickly.


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    I know that you can't see it at the time, since you ve lost your job, but you have been given a great opportunity to start from the beginning and build your own IM empire.

    Time is money!Try to remember that!So, start early tomorrow..
    Wake up and divide you time by this...

    Half your time, let's say 4 hours you will be learning new stuff about product creation, affiliate marketing,CPA offers etc

    Your other half time, let's say another 4 hours, you will be taking action on what you 've learnt in the previous 4 hours..Building websites,SEO,article marketing etc

    Take advantage of your time and believe in your self!I am sure you could make it!

    Cheers from Greece

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      Sorry to hear about the current position your are now in. This could be the start of something great for you and turn out to be a blessing. There are alot of ways to grow a business without spending a lot of money even tho you will have to spend some. I will be happy to help guide you in the right direction. You can start by visiting the website in my signature for free tips and then you can contact me from there. Hope the best for you.
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    I love how supportive this network is!

    I hope things turn around quickly for you!
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    I really don't know if Quick Click Commissions works or not but you may want to check this other thread before buying:


    Why? Since WF is one of the most honest and informative resources I have ever found, I always use the WF search feature for any unfamiliar tool or technique. Sometimes I get my hopes up too and the honesty hurts but, like competition and Cod Liver Oil, it definitely helps from a holistic view.

    Cory Buford
    Virtual Realty Consultant
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    Invest in a mentor or a good coaching program. Alex Jeffreys released his $997 coaching as a $27 wso today.

    There's a start
    Increase Your Sales By 46.15% And Skyrocket Your Conversions In The Next 48 Hours... Proof, live case study and free report all in this video.
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    Sorry about your job, good luck with IM as your main source of income. It can work, but it takes money to make money often. You might want to be looking for a job in the meantime.
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