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by veros
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I'm trying to figure out Google keyword.

Here is what I've done so far.

I've done a search for a broad keyword.

I then sorted by CPC and found a keyword that gets $3 per click and has 22,000 searches per month.

I then did a search in google like this "keyword phrase" and only 18,000 results showed up.

Would this be a good keyword phrase to go after?

If not please help me to know how to pick the right keyword phrase to build a site on.

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    What you're looking for are keyword phrases with high search volume, few competing pages, and as many Adwords advertisers as possible.

    To determine the number of Adwords advertisers, just do a search on your desired keyword phrase. If you want to find a good keyword phrase, go to - A Keyword Map For the Whole Internet. The site is pretty straightforward.

    To analyze that other stuff, go to Free GTrends Tool From Wordtracker and you'll get search volume + charts.

    Good luck,
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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      I am not gonna say much but would recomend you in the right direction !!! there is a WSO on adwords that came a while ago I seem to be forgetting the name of the warrior but if you digg it you'll find it ... was really helpfull, especially it will help all the newbies to stop losing money and pin down the specific niche.

      I might put a link on it later, just a little caught up with a few things at the moment.

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