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Hey guys!

In my effort to really build and grow my site, which seems to be taking off. I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend a great facebook viral plugin that has worked well for them. I think it would be awesome to add a little tease factor to the site.

I'm sure it would be one of these wso's.

So I guess for the majority of you, which one seems to provide you all with the greatest functionality?

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    ViperChill's Cloudflood.com is pretty cool. It's kind of like "Pay with a tweet" if you've ever heard of it.
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      You can use the text widget to code in facebook likes and other things on your page without having to use a plugin. Check out facebook developer's site.
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    I use "Share To Pay" WordPress plugin
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      Rob Jones has a good plugin called Viral Conversions (this is not for Facebook). Basically it increases conversions by putting your visitor into a conversion pipeline of questions so you can customise the solution for them.

      You can follow what I am doing to grow my business at http://mark-salmon.com I've been self-employed for 13 years as a business consultant and internet marketer.

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