Own affiliate program solutions?

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I've been trying some of the affiliate networks, mostly Clickbank. The biggest problem is that it only allows me to sell for $100. I know why and fully understand this until we prove our service as a reliable one on Clickbank.

But is there anyway I can offer my own affiliate system as I'm sure I can find lots of interested IM'ers on relevant forums (including here of course).
This way I could offer my regular price and bypassing CB fee, offering $73.5 for each sale. We basically have one active affiliate on CB that's sold 30 in the first week.

I've done a search for affiliate programs but it looks like it's all software that needs to be installed on servers.
Is anybody offering a simpler solution? A nice and easy SAAS solution maybe?

Anybody have experience with their own affiliate network?
Is there any other way I can bypass CB if I just want to promote my site directly to possible affiliates?

Thanks in advance!
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