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Today I got an email with the subject line:

Lighter on the pitch frequency, please...

The writer asked me to return to my "old" ways of more content vs promotion to the list.

He said that my email went from the "must read" to sometimes read.

I decided to do a little research.

A little back story.

I made an offer to my list that I wanted to share my tips on getting out of debt by following a specific plan.

It's a plan that I used to go from -$60 in my account to six figures in my account (on top of being debt free).

There would be nothing for sale, no big launch - I just wanted to offer some good old fashion content that can help people (you know like people preach).

So if they were interested they had to fill out a new registration form and confirm their email address to ensure they wanted to be on the list.

Then in the first email I told them it wasn't going to be a push button solution OR an overnight fix.

Check out the results:

You'll notice the highest open rate I have was 53+% (yeah I know that number isn't perfect but it's close).

3 emails after that high open rate (53%) we went all the way down to (27%).

Not only that but 34 people have bounced from the list since the beginning (my guess is people who put in fake emails or didn't opt-in).

So the next time you wonder .... "I don't understand why marketer X doesn't send out more free content" this could be why.

Not to mention when I write this content I ask for feedback, comments, etc.

The last email I sent out and asked for feedback - Out of the close to 500 people who are on the list, I got a single comment.

That comment was ... that I had misspelled Pinterest in the email.

Now I'm not going to stop putting out content for my list but at the end of the day if I have a chance to make money (aka send a promo email) or put out free content - I know what I'm going to do.

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    Hmmm, it's like the emotional response caused by good sales copy is addicting, "Sales Copyaholics".

    But really, this is quite interesting, you would think just the opposite would happen. I think people automatically think that if its "" than its not as valuable. Like you are just doing it to sell them the real key after your done with the free content. Which is honestly what a lot of the free content on the web is geared to do, heck I use that strategy. What I'm saying is that the buyers these days have been trained to expect that. So, give them what they want I guess, great sales copy with a valuable product they can spend their money on.
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      Originally Posted by TimCastleman

      Then in the first email I told them it wasn't going to be a push button solution OR an overnight fix..
      Does this imply that you have been promoting push button solutions or instant fixes?

      If you have done that in the past, then you have "educated" your subscribers that this is possible (when we know thats unlikely in a lot of cases).

      Now they have read this then maybe that is the reason. They realise they do have to do the work and realise what you have been promoting is not true and have unsubscribed?

      This is of course all speculation as I do not know your list or what you promote.

      Personally I think free and useful content really is where it's at - If you are genuinely looking to help people and write information in that context it does get noticed and you will be rewarded.

      Best of luck with it all.

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        I'm a member of this list. Yours is one of the few "internet marketing" e-mails that I open on a regular basis. I've found that I'm more likely to open the e-mails that you send that are selling something because of the fact that most of the e-mails that you send are all content. Maybe I'm the exception.
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    The trick is to blend the pitch in with the content. Teach, create desire, sell.
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    If they are subliminally asking for offers to spend money on I say give it to them for sure. Its a win-win!
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