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I have come into possession over 200 articles related to my niche. They are varying in quality but could be sufficient for article submissions.

What is the quickest/cheapest way to get these rewritten so that they can be used for an article blast. I thought about Fiverr but they all mention two articles for $5 - So that would still cost me $500+ so not really what i had in mind...

What other options do i have with them? What are the best deployments of PLR content?

Thanks in advance
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    Use the best spinner and create new unique versions from different articles.
    Throw them to different sites with ur competitos links and they might see a drop in ranking!!
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    How about not black hatting your competitors.

    What if you used them to build up your site, if they were 100 percent unique and quality articles?

    Do you have Hot Web Words earning you $3,000+ a month?

    Build your website rank this week with SEVEN BMR posts for $5.

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    articles will be ready for blast if you spin it with good dictionary.
    search fiverr you will find someone selling it.
    Outsource Your Offline Business Projects. Just Send me a PM :)
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    Why not hire out an article spinner, most Warrior Forum spinners offer only the highest quality services.
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    I would go to freelancer and hire someone to do the whole bunch of them. Just submit a job and say you are looking for someone who will rewrite the articles. I will see, some are not asking a lot of money for this.
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      Hi Attrition,

      Do you want to add value to your readers, or just want to throw peas on the wall and see if they stick or not?

      You may know that the internet is full with garbage. You wrote that the quality of your articles is vary. As you also may know, since the last action of Google Panda, article directories pay more attention to accept only quality articles.

      In the light of these, I think you can take out the most (beeing noticed, list building, getting backlinks, advertise product, whatever your goal is) from your articles if you pay attention on the quality of rewriting.

      Accordingly, if you cannot rewrite them, then hire someone to do it for you. Of course, this must be paid by you.

      If I were you, I'd avoid blasting. I'd order only rewriting 10 -15 articles at first. This way the initial cost is far less, and you can observe how it works. You can keep the quality under your control, e.g. can change the writer if necessary.

      Anyway, I don't find the rewriting bad on its own. But IMHO, if you do something, it must be meaningful or not to start it at all.

      All the best,


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    Originally Posted by Attrition View Post

    What other options do i have with them? What are the best deployments of PLR content?
    Google "101 Things To Do With PLR Articles" and put your thinking cap on.
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    If you're limited on budget, rewrite them yourselves.
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    I would re-write them or pay somebody to do so. Only the good ones. As you may know it doesn't pay to put garbage on your site because under Panda new light it will hinder you to have low quality pages on your site.

    General rules, no less than 400 words, excellent grammar, no typos, meaningful content and no blasting!

    Use the articles to build your site, over time it will grow and it will get old giving you recognition if you keep adding good content to it.

    Hope it helps...
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    There's plenty you can do with them without rewriting them/paying to have them rewritten:

    - Why not take a few related ones and turn them into an autoresponder series for your email list?

    - Why not take a few more and turn them into chapters for a downloadable report that entices people to join your list?

    - Why not use some of them as the basis for your next YouTube video?

    Assuming they're of good quality, those are all things you could do right now, without having to rewrite a word of them.

    Just please, whatever you do, don't shove them through a spinner and "blast" them all over the web. It's a complete waste of your time, and your readers and Google certainly won't appreciate it!
    Sick of blending in with the crowd? Ready to stand ahead of the pack? The right content writing services can get you there...
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    Check out a spinning software. I just got done reading reviews because i am looking to buy one. The Best Spinner seems to be highly favored. Look in the classifieds here in the forum and you can get it at a discounted price!
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    The best idea is to get idea to create your own product. People can make there product with the help of PLR content.

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