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I've recently obtained an nice list of almost 300 subs and growing of people interested in makeing money online. I assume that most of them are new to Internet Marketing.

I need some suggestions for great HQ products to promote to this list.
Because they are newbies, I assume that most of the subs do not know about the warrior forum so I don't want to start off promoting a WSO!

Please give me some tips for a Clickbank product or even better DIGI result.
Because the sub are newbies, I think it should be a product that's very clear about every subject in the product with clear explanations and guidance.

You are f course very welcome to give me your product links, but remember...HQ and newbie friendly!

Ow yes and not to expencive. Max ...$75.
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    You may want to check the URL below:

    P.S It it an affiliate link!
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    there are so many different aspects of IM that you can try and educate your list on, since you said they're mostly all newbies.
    I would suggest looking for traffic products on Clickbank or any other marketplace that sell well (ie. have high (above 100) gravity).
    First, try that product yourself and if you think it provides value, then only then I would suggest promoting it to your list.

    The reason I said to go with traffic is because:

    # 1 - traffic is the life-blood of any business
    # 2 - traffic seems to be the thing most newbies struggle with when they get started

    All the Best
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    Before trying to get them to buy products and such, you might want to consider list swaps to increase the amount of subscribers in your list?
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    You can find 100% commission products on jvzoo, rapbank, digiresults and offer them these.

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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      Before you try to start selling them stuff I would first warm them up by providing value to the list, if you know any hints or tips that you think would be helpful email those to the list, if not then spend a bit of time researching stuff that you think would be helpful to them. Building a relationship with your list before you attempt to start selling to them is one of the best things you can do.
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    Hey man get on a few of the top guys emailing lists and see what they promote I watch a couple sales videos a day with clickbank products ( lots of them are crap) then ask yourself would you buy it ??? Use similar email copy ... Howie Schwartz only recommends good CB products get on his list promote what he does Matt Bacak too
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    Great help guys! I was thinking about trying tim bekkers new product. "new click and bank code"

    I'm also signing up to some list to get a better idea of it all.

    Any suggestions from past experiences?
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