My Question about my Front-end, Backend Strategy...

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I need an overall strategy for my IM business.

I just recently got Nitro Blueprint and also heard from David D. that you want ONE main front end product that you promote and after that, promote your backend products.

But currently, my strategy is I have multiple (5 to 6) front end products (which are eBooks & digital audio).

Should I just change it to ONE main front end & ONLY promote the 5-6 other products to my customers?

What do you think is better? My worry is that some people may not be interested in the first product (and I may lose them). If I advertise all my products, then I can get some sales everywhere. But if I only advertise the front end, I may miss some sales.

What is your advice?

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    Put simply, front-end and back-end systems are methods you use to attract customers, and then to sell to them again later. You want to look at your front end product as a low-cost hand-raisers that you use as an introduction to new prospects, so they can express an interest in what you have to sell. Your front end identifies those prospects who are interested in what you've got to offer. Put simply the front end is your lead generation system. The back end is where you really make the money. The back-end is where you continually market your products and services to the clients that are already on your list. You should offer a high ticket back end product. You can use any of your products for the front end as long as the product is a low cost product.

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      if you make your front end product sooo good and at a resonable price, then you will generate a list / following of proven buyers.

      This will make it so much easier for you to sell them the back end products.

      You also have several choices of how to package your backend products, packaged all together as a oto, individually, as a pair etc.

      This strategy usually relies on the front end product making an impact by providing real quality / value.

      Hope that helps.
      Good luck
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    Step 1: Pick your highest converting front end product, and make the sales process and conversion rate sizzle as great as you can get it.
    **Tip: You may also want to add monthly continuity to this step**

    Step 2: Upsell Offer the hard copy version of that product (Gasp! Real CD's + Books) for 100% - 200% of the cost of the digital only version, plus enough s+h to cover the cost of production.

    Step 3: Upsell Offer all of the other 4 products (if related) as a bundle for the cost of two of them (two times the "Hard copy" cost, which may be higher than the intitial sale)

    Step 4: Sell access to you or the product creator (bootcamps, coaching, phone calls, etc.) as your back-end promotion(s).

    Get that working, then:

    Step 5: Here's the REAL SECRET: Do the exact same process for each "front end" product, just change out the products in the "bundle offer" to be the four other products you're not selling upfront.

    Result: 5X the leads, 3-10X the customer value, PLENTY of $$ to advertise with, No need for new copy, products, etc.

    Also, your autoresponder to non-bundle-upsell-buyers should try to sell them each front-end product in turn until they either A) buy all the front-ends, or B) buy the bundle.

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